Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life moves quickly!!

So life has been stressful lately....But new and exciting! It has been a year of changes! I have now officially lived in Washington for a year...and it has been a new adventure! I have moved four times (in the state of Washington) since living here and now I have a place to call home! I absolutely love it!! It is perfect! I never could have imagined living here...but it is beautiful!It rains a lot but not as much as people think! So a quick update on life...

Well this past weekend...I went to visit one of my best friends (Camille)in Kelso,Washington (she just moved is about 2 hours away)...and I am no longer a blonde! Well I have some blonde! We stayed up till about 3am doing my hair...and having a ton of fun...So I was so scared but I love it...and suprisingly James does too!!

I have been trying to find a job...even though I have enough...but a real job "a grown up job" ! It was a lot harder than I thought after sending over 75 resumes and countless interviews...I got a job on Tuesday and quit my other job!! I am now an administrative assistant for the owners of a mattress company!! I am so excited!! I started today and it was great and it only took me 15 minutes to get to work...not the normal hour I was use to driving!!

Now I need to get back to cleaning and moving stuff out of my spare room so my friend Megan could move in Saturday!!! Busy Busy!!