Friday, April 17, 2009

A great Birthday

Today was a great day! Started the day off relaxing! Then went out with Maggie to go get facials! Afterwards we went to our house and hung out....Then had to have an inspection on the house we were buying! Then we went to eat!!! Yumm!!!Back to our house.....then hung out watched movies...had some friends stop by and got some great gifts!!! Then went out to Red Robin at the last min with Casey, Maggie and Axel! It was a fun day!

* sorry wish I had pictures!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So much to blog about....but in due time you will get to hear about all that is going on in the Wagner household!

Sorry for not posting in awhile!But a lot has been going on!!! James is starting to heal and soon will be able to start to walk again (limp around) ! There will be lots of updates coming soon!! Be patient! I have been working,taking care of James, and then in all my extra time doing hair ( 5 days a week! on top of everything else!) Thank goodness for keeping busy!!!!