Friday, October 31, 2008


So this Halloween we passed out candy and unfortunately didnt get too many trick or treaters! Our first ones for the night were the VanDykes! They were all so adorable! They did a great job dressing up!

So Today is Christophers Bday! So he came over and we gave him his presents! And then we were headed out to go to Becky's Halloween party ( after Leilanie and I went and got a cake for his Bday) We didnt dress up too much ..James and I were Ohio State Fans, Christopher was Harrison Ford, and Leilanie came with and she was Sarah Palin :)

We got to catch up with all of our friends from the Halls Lake ward.... and were able to sing Happy Birthday to Christopher!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving FHE

So today I was just getting the start of a cold...but we made plans to go to Allison & Chris for a pumpkin carving FHE! It was nice to catch up with Allison & Chris, Amy & Nathan,& Laura & Daniel! We had some good treats and enjoyed carving the pumpkins! I think James had a little too much fun!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A weekend with our niece and newphew!

So Jenny had to go out of town so we got to watch Jaiden & Tryston! Which is a real treat for us! And I know they enjoy coming over for more than just playing with our dogs and our game consoles!

It was a lot of fun! We of course got to watch lots of movies, have pizza, stay up late...and do all the things a "cool" aunt and uncle get to do! On Saturday Tryston had to leave that morning to go play a baseball game, so we took Jaiden out for the day!!

We started out getting her a new outfit...since she forgot he jacket :) Then we went up to Seattle where we went to the Ski & Snowboard expo!!! YAY!!! It is that time of year again!!! We enjoyed seeing all the different vendors! And we got our tickets early for stevens and whistler!!! SKI SEASON HERE WE COME!!!

Jaiden did have fun...but was excited to go to pikes place and feed the Seagulls! So we went to Ivars our favorite!! And Jaiden got to feed the seagulls! Which she had a blast!!!

Then we went to pikes place...and it was a blast!! It was a lot of fun!!! We can't wait to watch them again!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!

So we had a little pumpkin carving night with Sam & Jeremy, Steve & Keilah, and some more of Sams friends! It was a great night to get together and have lots of fun with pumpkin guts!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Corn Maze!!

So tonight for Young Mens & Young Womens Activity we went to a corn maze! It was the State one..It was a lot of fun...It started off with a little tractor ride! Then it brought you to the begining...The whole corn maze is a map of the state it contains over 250 actual roads and 400 places and towns marked by signs!! So it might be neat in the day too...when it isnt pouring!!!

We split up in groups....each of the groups needed a leader so I had to leave Cindy ( I promised her she wouldnt be scared and she would like it) She survived!!!

He we are soaked and muddy!!! It was fun though!! There was hot apple cider and cookies afterwards....Then we went home! I got the pleasure of riding with Jen and her husband and their too cute son Clark!! It was great to chat!!!
Afterwards, I was craving hot chocolate from Seattle's Best!!! Yumm!! Seriously if you havent tried it go!!! Yumm!! I grabbed some for Leilanie too...since she just got all her wisdom teeth pulled out :(
I went home visited with Leilanie for a bit....
Then got to come home to this:
Seriously I have the most amazing husband ever!!! Who would have thought he would ever do this for me!!! He is so great and I cant let him know enough!!!! I love you James!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Home Evening

This weeks lesson was on Food Storage! It was a great lesson to prepare for and learn more about! I have been getting these wonderful emails from one of my second moms...she is the most spiritual person I know and they have all been centered around "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear". Almost every Prophet has counseled about food storage...It is not because we are waiting for this big thing to happen...It is something that we all need to do, not only to be prepared but to follow what our Prophets are teaching us. Are we Following our Prophets counsel? All of it??? At one time or another, nearly every family will face accidents, illness, unemployment, or other emergencies that will require them to depend on the resources they have stored.

With how the Economy is, with all that is going on the world...Everyone should get their lives in order. So, doing our lesson on Food Storage helped us realize that we need to do just that! I have this Emergency Preparedness Manual...Which is about 150 pages! I got it from one of my second moms! It is amazing...It has a guide on how to aquire enough food storage for a years supply in 52 weeks...It shows you what to do in any case of emergency....It shows how to hide food storage in your home( since some of us dont have a big home)! It is great to start to get prepared!

We read a few articles from different Prophets and Authorities...There are so many great ones...And no matter what year and time in our lives...They are always letting us know how important Food Storage is!!

Since we had Michael and Leilanie come over for FHE we were able to play a food storage Bingo!! It was fun...The winner was Leilanie - ( the winner got to choose one of the other teams wedding regifts!) So she got some bbq tools...Since we have so many!!!

We all had a great discussion and planned our food storage...and how we will aquire it!! Plus now that it is Leilanie & Michael, then James & I, then Elizabeth are all neighbors...We are planting a garden in our backyard!!! For now...we will start one inside!!!

I love bank holidays!!!

So today is Columbus day....a bank holiday which equals a great excuse to go on a mini vacation!!!

James and I decided to go and take a drive with the little rascals!! We went down highway 2 and wanted to see the snow at Stevens Pass! Well there was some sticking!! Yay!! We cant wait for Skii season!!! So the drive was the most beautiful ever!! In the morning it was a completely different view then we got in the evening! The morning was still amazing seeing all the fog on the tops of the mountains and just over the trees and then in the middle of the day we got to see the beautiful fall colors!! Driving in the mountains,skiing, and all the amazing things to do is why I love Seattle!!

So when we passed Stevens Pass about 20 miles James favorite! This little knife shop!He did take awhile looking for the perfect knife...he did find some throwing knifes!! And we picked up some stuff for my parents for christmas!

Then we went down to Leavenworth! Wow it was beautiful!!We went to the little bakery...and got some amazing bread!! My favorite!!!Then we went into town and parked...Rosco and Fufu were so excited to get out and go for a walk!!

We were just walking around town...we toured more of it than ever! Come to find a quilt shop,yarn shop, and a knife some other really cool stores! Then we went to the little dog store...and got them some treats!! We got them some amazing dog shampoo - let me say James was so excited!!!
Then I was starving since we stopped earlier and got shakes...but I can only eat so much icecream!! So James ate all mine :) We went and I got a bratwurst and some saurkraut!! Yumm!! I can eat it everyday!!!

We walked for a little while more....then off to the rest of our adventure!!!
I have been craving apple cider since we were in ohio....seriously - no one has any like it here :(
So we drove to Wenatchee! We found these two cute little farmers markets!! One would be perfect if we had kids with us!!! It was a lot of fun to tour around!!!

It was such an amazing perfect day!! I am so glad James was up for the trip!! We even found this great little place to go camping!!! Hmmm...when should we go next!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It is that time of year again!!

It is fall and it is so wonderful!! I love all the leaves changing, the pumpkins everywhere, the apple orchards, and pumpkin in everything!!!The smell outside!!
This year I actually decorated early!!( I will need to take pictures!) We have spider webs in our window...lights outside!! And of course Mums!!!
This last weekend we went over to Dave & Michelle's! Michelle made this great chili! Just perfect for the weather!!! And there were some amazing rolls & a great salad!! I did make some pumpkin cookies....but James ate them before we went over...So we had to stop at albertsons!
After dinner, Michelle bought pumpkins from Central we carved them!!!It was a lot of fun!!!

Then Dave picked out a movie - Ghostbusters!! It was a good movie...but late:) I think Michelle and I slept through half of it!
We had a great night!!!

Here are the finished pumpkins - Ours is just a basic happy halloween :)
Michelle and Dave got creative and did Jekyll & Hyde Pumpkin!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A night out with James :)

So we promised James sister Jenny that we would be there "driver" for the night...Since she was taking Jaiden to go see The Phantom of the Opera!

James and I were going to go see a movie..but got there later than expected! So we went to the northgate mall...and went to my favorite!! California Pizza Kitchen!! We of course got the bbq chicken pizza and the bbq chicken chopped salad!! Yumm!!! Afterwards we went to the my rings cleaned...looked at the knife shop...and got some dessert- Starbucks mint chocolate creme frappacino!! Yumm!!

So we had some extra we ran and got James a chocolate shake! And I read the new Nicholas Sparks book- It was amazing!! While...James drew pictures all over my car windows!

We went and picked them up..They had such a great time!! They were all dressed up and Jaiden had the time of her life!!

It was a great night!
* This is the rose James brought home for me..along with some yummy icecream!! He is the greatest!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keilah's Birthday

So today was Keilahs 24 Birthday!! We decided to have a girls night - since Steve was in school. We had her favorite...Little Ceasars Pizza, Guacamole & Chips, and some more food!! Jeremy suprised her by bringing her favorite Godiva Chocolate Cheescake!!!

We were able to talk...we planned some games..but you know how girls are when we start talking!!It was so much fun! And good for us all to get out!!!
* I wish we took more pics!! These were all I had!!

Lets do the Hula Hoop!!!!

Sundays are always a great day....

But this one was was exceptional!! Well at church it has been an adjustment...No offense to anyone but coming from a Singles ward then switching to a ward that is 50+ and a majority of the few younger couples that are there....all have kids! So thank goodness for Leilanie and Michael living next door!!
Well, this Sunday the bishop asked me the night before...if James and I could meet with him the next morning before church....
I was a bit apprehensive to get a new calling...honestly I just didnt want to be thrown into something where they needed someone.....

When we met with Bishop, I honestly know he is a man called of that is led by the spirit... The calling was one that I wasnt expecting and one that I honestly need most at this time!
I am a new Beehive Advisor!!! Yay!!!

This will be such a great opporunity and couldnt be more perfect!! The people I will serve with seem so great and I am so excited to get to know them!!!

Then our other problem with the ward...not enough young couples....well two new couples moved in !!! And we are getting to know the other ones too!!!
* James will be getting his calling soon!!! Exciting....

So, After church....
James went over to his dads house, while I made dinner! Then a little later our new friends from our ward came over (Sandy & Aaron - they just moved here from Utah!) we had dinner than chatted for awhile!
Then Sam & Jeremy came over and we did a game night!! We played a game....Boys against girls...unforunately the boys won!!
Afterwards.... Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream!!!
Then they decided to play some games on the Wii!!!

Lets do the Hula Hoop!!!
* Make sure to watch the whole video...sorry some of it is sideways:)
*Have you ever watched Elain dance on Seinfeld...does anyone look like her in this video???

(Sam you can't be mad at me...It was all J)

Here are some other pictures from the night!!

Here is Aaron he is excited his wii age is older than he is! Well Sandy is glad!

Here is he breaking a sweat!!

Here is me...watching the entertainment!

James is having too much fun!

Sandy & Aaron

James & Jeremy ....a little upset because their little wii fit guy expanded :(