Saturday, October 4, 2008

A night out with James :)

So we promised James sister Jenny that we would be there "driver" for the night...Since she was taking Jaiden to go see The Phantom of the Opera!

James and I were going to go see a movie..but got there later than expected! So we went to the northgate mall...and went to my favorite!! California Pizza Kitchen!! We of course got the bbq chicken pizza and the bbq chicken chopped salad!! Yumm!!! Afterwards we went to the my rings cleaned...looked at the knife shop...and got some dessert- Starbucks mint chocolate creme frappacino!! Yumm!!

So we had some extra we ran and got James a chocolate shake! And I read the new Nicholas Sparks book- It was amazing!! While...James drew pictures all over my car windows!

We went and picked them up..They had such a great time!! They were all dressed up and Jaiden had the time of her life!!

It was a great night!
* This is the rose James brought home for me..along with some yummy icecream!! He is the greatest!!!

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Keilah and Steve said...

Sounds like a fun night. Steve and I need to get out more often. :)