Monday, October 13, 2008

I love bank holidays!!!

So today is Columbus day....a bank holiday which equals a great excuse to go on a mini vacation!!!

James and I decided to go and take a drive with the little rascals!! We went down highway 2 and wanted to see the snow at Stevens Pass! Well there was some sticking!! Yay!! We cant wait for Skii season!!! So the drive was the most beautiful ever!! In the morning it was a completely different view then we got in the evening! The morning was still amazing seeing all the fog on the tops of the mountains and just over the trees and then in the middle of the day we got to see the beautiful fall colors!! Driving in the mountains,skiing, and all the amazing things to do is why I love Seattle!!

So when we passed Stevens Pass about 20 miles James favorite! This little knife shop!He did take awhile looking for the perfect knife...he did find some throwing knifes!! And we picked up some stuff for my parents for christmas!

Then we went down to Leavenworth! Wow it was beautiful!!We went to the little bakery...and got some amazing bread!! My favorite!!!Then we went into town and parked...Rosco and Fufu were so excited to get out and go for a walk!!

We were just walking around town...we toured more of it than ever! Come to find a quilt shop,yarn shop, and a knife some other really cool stores! Then we went to the little dog store...and got them some treats!! We got them some amazing dog shampoo - let me say James was so excited!!!
Then I was starving since we stopped earlier and got shakes...but I can only eat so much icecream!! So James ate all mine :) We went and I got a bratwurst and some saurkraut!! Yumm!! I can eat it everyday!!!

We walked for a little while more....then off to the rest of our adventure!!!
I have been craving apple cider since we were in ohio....seriously - no one has any like it here :(
So we drove to Wenatchee! We found these two cute little farmers markets!! One would be perfect if we had kids with us!!! It was a lot of fun to tour around!!!

It was such an amazing perfect day!! I am so glad James was up for the trip!! We even found this great little place to go camping!!! Hmmm...when should we go next!!!

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Jeremy and Sam said...

Yay for Leavenworth! We will have to definitely go again this year. This time I promise not to make any embarassing comments in the restroom. ;)