Friday, October 10, 2008

It is that time of year again!!

It is fall and it is so wonderful!! I love all the leaves changing, the pumpkins everywhere, the apple orchards, and pumpkin in everything!!!The smell outside!!
This year I actually decorated early!!( I will need to take pictures!) We have spider webs in our window...lights outside!! And of course Mums!!!
This last weekend we went over to Dave & Michelle's! Michelle made this great chili! Just perfect for the weather!!! And there were some amazing rolls & a great salad!! I did make some pumpkin cookies....but James ate them before we went over...So we had to stop at albertsons!
After dinner, Michelle bought pumpkins from Central we carved them!!!It was a lot of fun!!!

Then Dave picked out a movie - Ghostbusters!! It was a good movie...but late:) I think Michelle and I slept through half of it!
We had a great night!!!

Here are the finished pumpkins - Ours is just a basic happy halloween :)
Michelle and Dave got creative and did Jekyll & Hyde Pumpkin!

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Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

Oh so fun! I can HARDLY wait to carve pumpkins this year. I cant believe James was able to carve out Happy Halloween like that. That must have taken a lot of patience. I sure couldn't do that!