Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Surprise Ohio Trip!

So my friends brother had a cheap ticket - so I bought it and didn't tell my family!! I am getting better and better each year with being a surprise keeper!!! Here is a picture of when we went to the quilt shop my mom goes to!

Emerson had so much fun on our trip here are a few pictures!!!

Lots of hugs from Madison!

Lots of love here for baby!

Lots of Nakedness in the hot weather!

Lots of time with the great grandparents!

Lots of time in the sun!

Water is needed with warm weather!

Grandpa and Emerson making lots of the same faces- not on purpose either....

Lots of tickling from Max!

Chagrin Falls with Grandma and Grandpa!

Church with Emerson!

Emerson loves to mush food in his hands and try to get it on his uncle!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 6 month Birthday E!

Since Emerson's Birthday is in December and so close to Christmas, I wanted to start a tradition of having a 1/2 Birthday!! So of course I had to go all out!! I was so appreciative of all our friends and family who were good sports and came and celebrated!!!

Here are pictures of the amazing cake Emerson didn't eat!
( But really he should have since a few days later while in Ohio my dad got him hooked on cake!)
Thank you so much Allison with Picture Perfect Cakes!!!

Wish I got more pictures!! Didnt get pictures of half the people who came!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


May was full of many ups and downs, but we had some great weather to help us through! We worked on the house and on the yard, started some new projects! Crazy we have been in our house for a year now!!


Here is what our house looked like when we bought it! much work we have put into it in a year!

Check out this before we saw it :

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Here is the house- new front yard, roof and a new paint color!



New Flooring!Yay!!!

Then into my little salon area....



James spent a ton of time in here- he has learned how to be quite the handy man! We had a friend do the plumbing- and helped put up a false wall! James got to learn how to do molding, and become a pro at painting since I chose the wrong color yellow the first time! Then we had a little leak through the wall- and James had to take the wall down and re-put it back up...but now it is getting there~ So much more open!!We took down the old cabinets and changed them around and got rid of some! And like the new floors- and there is no more door!

Here is another project I made James start!



Before we dug for it and filled it with dirt!


Here is any easy link on how to make it HERE

Now when we haven't been working on the house and when I haven't been couponing we have tried to fit in some fun times!Here are a few pics from our quick trip to Portland with the Klippenstein's!

Wow... I didn't realize!

I didn't realize- how far behind I was!!Make sure to keep checking out this blog and scroll down! I am making up for lost time!! Wow going back on time- makes me really see how fast time is going! This month Emerson will be 6 months!! Crazy!!!Sorry I havent been blogging on here!I have been spending my free time on my coupon blog check it out HERE I have been not slacking on taking tons of pictures daily so check out my other blog too HERE!!!