Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wow... I didn't realize!

I didn't realize- how far behind I was!!Make sure to keep checking out this blog and scroll down! I am making up for lost time!! Wow going back on time- makes me really see how fast time is going! This month Emerson will be 6 months!! Crazy!!!Sorry I havent been blogging on here!I have been spending my free time on my coupon blog check it out HERE I have been not slacking on taking tons of pictures daily so check out my other blog too HERE!!!


Dian said...

That is a beautiful pic, and the sunset and water behind the baby is pretty, too! ;-)

I totally relate to your 53 times checkout, I do it, too! Hey FREE is FREE!! lol Thanks for entering my contest!

Lisa said...

You guys look so great! Thanks for updating on all the happenings in your life :)

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