Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Wow How fast the time flies by!!! So much going on..but that just means the baby will be coming quicker!! So this year is Christophers 25th Birthday! So we wanted to have a little party for him! Since his birthday is on Halloween! Easy thing to do!!!

We were getting ready to decorate the night before...yes the night before :P But we went into our shed and there were 100's of killer bees!!!So after 7 cans of spray we got one of our containers of decorations out :) We went off to go buy decorations!! And we made out!!!

So we decorated our house the day of Halloween :) Didnt have time to carve pumpkins...and we found out one got stolen :( ( It was Sam's too sad)

We had a house full of friends and family! It was a blast getting everyone together!!!! We just love parties!! Thank you everyone who came!!!

Bun in the Oven

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!!!

So it is a late start this year! My house dosent even have a halloween decoration up! And we are just getting our pumpkins :) Well I guess we have an excuse! We have been in Germany for most of the month...then I have a friends baby shower at my house...and I figured it would be nice not to have it look all Creepy :)

So today- Maggie, Casey, and Axel .....Sam, Jeremy, and Landon ...and us! Decided to go to the pumpkin farm! I love going to this farm since there is always so much to do and they have a great selection of pumpkins! The kids loved the animal farm :) And us girls loved the gift shop....yes I know I am crazy! But they had the perfect little table for the nursery there!! I just loved it! And things are so cheap there! Sam even found the cutest costume for Landon! So we all found pumpkins....and had some good cider too!! What a fun day!!

Now time to hurry home and help get ready for Rozemary's Baby Shower!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last day in Germany

Today was the last day we were in Germany. We started the day out with breakfast...packing.. and getting ready! We went to a horse and tackle store! My mom wanted to get an outfit for her dog :) And we needed to get fufu a toy! Plus there was a jacket I really wanted...and wanted to look at it...but it is kind of hard being 8 months pregnant finding a jacket to fit after :) So after we went to the store, we went on a little was really neat because it was like a wild animal farm! It had deer, boars, elk, and wild birds! It was fun! Once we got back to their house, I had to do some work :) And then we had dinner on a raclette grill!! Yumm!! It was so good!!I want to buy one now!!!

We had such an amazing time! It will be hard to go home...but nice at the same time! It is good to get back to real life...but it is so nice visiting with family!!! Now hopefully they will all visit soon!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today was our last day at the resort, we said by to my uncle Reinhardt and his wife Petra and their kids....then we went to the castle Neuschwanstein! It was a perfect day to go since it was so beautiful outside! Once we got there, we got our tickets then waited in line for a carriage to take us up to the top of the castle! It was fun being able to go...but we felt so bad for these horses taking us up such a steep mountain in the cold weather! We finally got up to the top of the mountain and had to rush before our tour started. It was a nice tour, shorter than I remember it last time! But it was still very neat!! They dont let you take pictures inside!But there are ton online! After we got done with the tour, my Mom, Wolf Dieter, James and I decided to walk down the was a nice walk...and we didnt have to feel bad for the horses :) And we still beat them :) After the rest of the family got to the bottom, we then went to go get some lunch! Afterwards, it was time to say bye to Oma and Opa :( It is always hard since we dont get to see each other too often! Opa said that they will come to Seattle in two years! Then we are going back in 4 years for their anniversary!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Schlossanger Alp Berhotel OCTOBER 17-18

We left my Aunt and Uncles early to head up to the Alps! We woke up with snow on the ground...but thought it may melt. It continued to snow and on our way to the Alps it continued stronger.We were just getting closer to the resort....and we were driving up this mountain that was rather windy....but the car wouldnt move anymore! So my uncle was going to wait to get help to move it while we walked to the resort! It was a fun little adventure! Once we got to the top it was just such a beautiful view!! This was the perfect ending to our vacation!

We got into the resort after playing in the snow for a bit and met up with my Grandparents and my other Aunt and Uncle and their kids! Once we all got situated and put our things in our rooms we met in the downstairs and started the day out with drinks...and cheers to Family and some amazing soup!!!

We enjoyed some time talking..sharing pictures..and playing outside! Then it was time to go to the top of the mountain and have some cake at a restaurant that overlooked the Alps and the different castles in the area! The restaurant had some amazing desserts...cakes...icecream...hotchocolates...It was so good!

We went back down the windy mountain and got back to the resort, had some time to relax then got ready for my Oma's Birthday dinner!

My Oma's dinner was a very big occasion! It was such a fancy dinner made by a top chef! All the courses were amazing! It was nice being able to spend time with the family and catch up! My Aunt and Uncle got a laptop for my Oma! She was so excited! Now they are able to Facebook!!! My mom made my Oma this amazing quilt!! It was a great night!! After the kids were in bed we went back to the room where we started and enjoyed talking and drinks.

Too many pictures!! So two different slideshows to look at!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today we headed out to München! We drove all over the city so we could get a feel for the area. There is so much History and so much to do! You could spend just a week there! Once we parked we went to The Residence ( a very unique museum) It was neat to see all the history, murals, dishes, jewelry and just how people once lived.We were able to listen to the tour in English so we were able to understand everything..... After the museum we went to this little restaurant for dessert! I remember when I went there a few years ago...because there was a lady in red sitting in the front window- not this time! They had the most amazing desserts and good hot chocolate! We went out and toured more of the city and did some more shopping! The we stopped by the Hofbräuhaus and were able to take some pictures and buy some souvenirs! We went to eat across the street at this yummy restaurant!! It was such a fun day!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wolf Dieter and Erikas House!

We were able to stay with my aunt and uncle, my uncle works a lot so when we got up that morning he was already at work...we spent a little bit of time with my aunt before she had to leave to go riding. My cousin Theri didnt want to go to school so we spent the time that Amelie was in school with him!He is so adorable and such a ham! He is such a happy little boy that loves to play..he loves gurkens- cucumbers :) Once Amelie and Erika got home we headed out for a day of shopping! We went to this huge store..that had a fun area for kids! Then we went to a huge was a ton of fun! After some shopping my uncle met us, and we got some icecream and then went to this amazing restaurant for dinner! It was a fun day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to München today!!!

So today was our last day with the grandparents...but we will see them in a few days! After we packed our bags and got ready we were off to the train station! We had to take two trains to get to München! It was a nice train ride! Very comfy seats and beautiful views! The only hard parts were transferring on the trains with all of our luggage!!! Once we got to my aunts and uncles...It started SNOWING!!! Yay!! It was so beautiful! We tried to get some pictures..but they didnt turn out so great. My aunt picked us up...It was so nice they even rented a bigger car so they could fit the three of us and their kids in the car! We got to their house and it is so beautiful!I wish I took pictures of it!!! We had an amazing dinner and went to sleep :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ottenhausen and Hoefen #2

So today was our last full day with my grandparents.... So we enjoyed walking around town! Eating of course! Then went to the grocery store again for some last minute shopping for more chocolate!!!! Then we went to my grandparents favorite restaurant for cake :) And I got to pay to go on the internet again :) I got all my work done.... And we had a good rest of the time! Went home for dinner and games!! What a fun day!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pforzheim Second Trip!!

So before we left for München we needed to fill our suitcases some more!!! We took a bus and spent the day in Pforzheim! We went back to most of the same places!! We got this amazing sandwich again!! I would go there just for it!!! Then we shopped some more!! And filled our bags with goodies!!!What a fun day!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Black Forrest Trip

Today we went on an all day trip through the black forrest! It really is so huge! My grandparents live right next to it.... but It can more than a day just to go through it!! The views were so beautiful! We only got out of the car a few times..So we dont have too many pictures! But it was amazing! My grandparents took us to this great restaurant with an amazing view...and the most beautiful horses that are only in that region! After we got done eating we continued our grandfather did get a little lost....but at least we got to enjoy the view!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flohmarkt- Ellemendingen

Today we woke up and had breakfast...and played games! We then got ready to go to the childrens Flohmarkt ( similar to a garage sale) We got on a bus then headed out! It started pouring... but James and my mom were still ready to go with me ( They new if not I would throw a fit) We got off the bus and it wasnt where my mom thought it was so we asked this guy at a store and he told us where we could find one! We got there and it was pouring! But there were a ton of people! The things were a lot higher in cost then we would find here for buying used....but it was still fun! I filled my backpack!!! After getting basically pushed over buy crazed people...we got out of there ( James and my mom were happy) The rain let up ...and we walked around town! It was a fun day! Well I know I enjoyed it!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad Herrenalb

Today we had our normal beginning of the day :) We had breakfast..had a lunch..then some amazing dessert!! Then we went out touring... well first we went to the grocery store! And filled up our suitcases!!!! Afterwards we went to this wonderful little town Bad Herrenalb, and were able to learn all about the town and see some beautiful sites! Once we got done...we went back to my grandparents and played games!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today we were able to go on a little walk around the town where my grandparents live...then after lunch we went to Neuenbuerg. Neuenberg was a beautiful town and had a lot of family history in it! In the town there was the church where my grandparents were married, and my mom was baptized in. Then we went up to a castle where my great great grandfather used to watch for intruders to come to the castle in the watchtower. There was so much history in this castle it was so neat! And such a beautiful view! You were able to see the whole village! On the walk down from the castle...connected there was a piece of property that my great grandfather used to own : He was a beekeeper and had his buisness there. When my mother was younger she would go there and help out. When we walked into the town there was my grandfathers uncles bar...and all the different things from the day were all a neat reminder of what makes up our families crest!

* In the picture it shows the watchtower on top - for my great great grandfather, then it has the bees - for my great grandfather - This is a window at my oma and opas!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today we ventured out without my grandparents... we went to the city Pforzheim! It was a fun little bus ride! It was such beautiful scenery! It was a nice day out....a good day for shopping!!! We ate the most amazing lunch and had some amazing icecream after!! We went to lots of stores and bought way too much stuff! It was such a fun trip!

** Even when James was taking video ....and this Russian guy came running up to him yelling in german!James then pointed to my mom trying to say he didnt speak german. My mom spoke to the Russian man- he was upset that James got a picture of him! LOL! Even though he wasnt even taking pictures...they tried to calm him down- he was very upset! Too bad James didnt keep taking video! It was hilarious!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ottenhausen and Hoefen

Today was our second day! It was my Opas birthday! So we started the day out with his birthday breakfast! Then we let him open his presents!! He went down to the horses and we went on a little walk.... soon after we got back my moms Aunt came over and we got to spend sometime with her before she left for Japan! We then had my Opas favorite lunch! Then we went to this restaurant for cake! ( I did have to get some work i paid 8 euros to get the internet!)

After cake, we went to the fish hatchery and got dinner!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Germany!!! The airport...and getting there!

So it is time for us to leave to Germany! We are all packed an ready!!! Ready for our long flight!! I am so excited though! Once we get to Atlanta...we get to see my mom! And then another long flight to Germany!!!

We left our house at 3am! Went to the airport and got all checked in! Very sleepy! We were all ready to go...and our flight left at 6am! It was nice having movies on the flight...James enjoyed it! This flight was pretty good 6hrs- a little cramped ( the lady next to me didnt fit in her seat :( and James was on the other side of a little smooshed!)

Once we got to Atlanta.... we met my mom at our gate! James had fun trying to video tape it! We went and got lunch and caught up!!! She was excited to see my belly!!

We then got ready for our 10 hr flight to Frankfurt Germany!!

This flight was nice and roomy! Having my mom and James on each side on me made it enjoyable! We had our own tvs in each seat! And had lots of options of different movies! And they were all free!!! It was a good flight...the baby moved a lot! But it was good!

We got to Germany...went through customs- so easy!!! Then we got our luggage...and waited for my grandparents to pick us up!! ( They were a little after waiting awhile..we called them and they found us!)

We went to breakfast and it was yummy! Then we got on the Autobahn...and headed to where they live!

It was a long drive being pregnant and being in a car with three adults in the back! I drank a little too much we had to stop before we got to where they lived...and I had to go in the woods!

We stopped in this little town and got some things from the bakery!! YUMM!!!

* It was early when we got to their house so we ate....and got settled in...