Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today we ventured out without my grandparents... we went to the city Pforzheim! It was a fun little bus ride! It was such beautiful scenery! It was a nice day out....a good day for shopping!!! We ate the most amazing lunch and had some amazing icecream after!! We went to lots of stores and bought way too much stuff! It was such a fun trip!

** Even when James was taking video ....and this Russian guy came running up to him yelling in german!James then pointed to my mom trying to say he didnt speak german. My mom spoke to the Russian man- he was upset that James got a picture of him! LOL! Even though he wasnt even taking pictures...they tried to calm him down- he was very upset! Too bad James didnt keep taking video! It was hilarious!!


Ashley said...

I like the photo slideshows! I'm so glad you guys had such an amazing trip before your little baby comes!

The Palmer's said...

I loved all the pictures! What a neat place to visit - especially to see family. :)