Sunday, November 25, 2007

After thanksgiving...

Even though James was "broken" we went up to Steven's Pass and went "sleding" well we bought sleds...but they didnt let us use them so we used Eric's snowboard....
It was a blast!! After we had hot chocolate and danced by the candle light :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


So another year without my family for thanksgiving....

Well it was an amazing day and with great company!! Since James sprained his ankle the night before attempting to play basketball....I had to pick him up after I got some things prepared for thanksgiving! We went to blockbuster...isnt it crazy they are open all day on thanksgiving!! We bought the new die hard and rented license to wed... We ran back to my house and got the sticky rolls, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie....Off to the first house!!

We went to James sister Jenny's house and she had the house full!! She cooked a 26lb turkey!! We got to her house around 12:30 and ate and relaxed!! I read a book that I needed to have read for my bookclub for sunday "the greatest gift" It was a perfect read for thanksgiving!! James got to watch Ratatuille and Die Hard....

Then we went to his moms house and had another thanksgiving around 5:30!! It was great!! The turkey was perfect...I promised I would try everything (wich I would never do) I liked everything but the yams...but if I liked yams I know they would have been great!! My favorite to my suprise was the fruit salad?? I helped her make it and I thought gross!! But it was amazing!! It was frozen cranberries chopped in the food processor 1 cup sugar and soaked in....then one can of drained pineapples...and coolwhip!! It was amazing!!!

After thanksgiving there...we went to my house and every year I normally decorate that night...but not this year!! James and I just realxed and watched license to wed!! It was a great thanksgiving!!

I would reccomend that everyone read "The Ultimate Gift" it is a great book and will make you appreciate things so much!! There is also a movie...but is quite a bit different!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Time out for couples!! November 9th

This was a fun day!! We all got off of work early and drove to Tacoma!! Traffic wasn't the best..but it was a fun ride!! We got to tacoma and had some mexican food right before...
Then we went to Time out for couples...It was very good!! There were different speakers and Michael & Lynne McLean were the hosts...It was great listening them speak and sing about marriage and the highs and lows of there relationship.

Then we listened to Merrile Boyack and she was hilarious!! She wrote the book" "But, How Do I CHANGE My Spouse?!?" It was great listening to her!!

Next was Richard N. Holzaphel he is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University; he has a few different books but a great one is...."One Heart & One Mind"

Last but not least my favorite!!! Douglas Bringley!! He has written so many great books and he is also a professor at BYU!!

It was a fun night!!!

The next night we went to Red Robyn and Saw Dan in real life (I don't think they want to take me out again...or they will make me promise not to laugh!!)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween 2007
It was our first Haloween together and even though we were boring it was fun!! Well we first started out the Holiday by carving pumpkins in between sessions of General Confrence...along by decorating my house!! The pumpkins turned out great ( we both did them free-hand) But then they died about 2 1/2 weeks later...So sad....

So last Sunday we had our pre-halloween at our friends Sam and Jeremy's! Jeremy made these amazing popcorn balls and homemade cider! Sam made this great pumpkin deseret! Yumm!! It was a tun of fun....Keilah and Steve brought some extra pumpkin carvers...wich was very helpful!!

So Pumpkin got everywhere...our hands turned orange...The pumpkins were suprisingly juicy!
Here are some pics of our creations:

So, that was our pre-Halloween! On Halloween...I got trick or treaters!! About 14!! Yay!! I was suprised but I did have candy...and I have a lot left over! We had our little party since all of us were party poopers....and didnt want to dress up! We were going to watch a scary movie...but watched the illusionist instead along with spider man 3! We had some pizza (thanks james) Some amazing cheese bread (thank you camille for your recipe) some great cookies and albertsons 7 layer dip( i wonder who brought that?) and some more of Jeremys famous cider and Sams amazing pumpkin desert! It was a lot of fun!! Fufu and Rosco loved there costumes...

And we loved seeing some scary faces from the rest of the bunch!
It was a lot of fun!! Maybe next year we will dress up !!!