Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday July 19th

So today was the first day of being Sarah & James Wagner! Yay!!! So exciting! We woke up we could eat breakfast before all the stuff going on for the day!!!

1. James left to go return the car to my boss....but he had to clean all the peanut butter off!!!

2. Camille came over and chopped all my hair off!!! ( It is amazing...and was great for florida)

3. Brunch with Family and friends at 11am!

Our Brunch was so much was good to be able to eat the food from the wedding since we really didnt get the chance to...and it was nice to be able to spend some time with family and a not so hectic manner..... And we got to open all of our presents with everyone!!

4. We went home...unloaded the car... got Rosco and Fufu and my mom and Lauren and hoped in the car! We were on our way to Edmonds Beach!

We went to downtown Edmonds on my Mom and Laurens last day in Washington....we went to Arnies on the water! One of James and my favorite restraunts! We ate there and walked around... It was such a great ending of their trip!!

5. Then we dropped of the dogs at Amy and they can watch them ( Thanks again)

6. Then we ran home to pack....then all of ous were off to the airport to catch our flights!

We all got to the airport in pleanty of time... Laurens terminal wasnt close to Ours and my we said our goodbyes early.... Then it was our turn to fly....and Bye Bye Seattle.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday July 18th 2008

Today was the day where James and I got sealed in the Seattle Temple for time and all eternity!!!

I woke up this morning, and was so excited! I honestly didn't have a stress in the world!! Today was my day...and I didn't want anything to worry about!!! We woke up early...Camille and I went to Starbucks and Mcdonalds to get drinks!!! We got back and Lauren had already started on the flowers.... Camille and I started on my hair...Soon enough Sam and Keilah showed up : ) It was fun to have everyone there!! Kerry came over and started taking pictures! My hair got done quickly...then Camille did my makeup.... and soon enough I had nothing to do!! Everyone was getting ready....and then it was time to leave!

I got all my things ready - hopped into my bosses little smart car! And headed to Bellevue!! I drove so slow to the temple!! It was great to just stay there and relax.....I got to the temple about the same time as James and his Family!!! It was so great to see him....

We had our sealing...It was amazing...more than words can describe! It is so great to know that James will be my husband not only till death do us part....but for eternity!!! It is such a great blessing and all we have to do in return is live righteously and obey the commandments the Lord has given us!!!

After our Sealing...we had all of our close friends and family waiting for us outside!!! It was the greatest feeling!!! And for the ones who couldnt come...we still thought of them!! We took pictures...which is always fun!!! Then after we all went to the building for the brunch : 0 )
It was so great to have people there helping us out in so many James and I could not have any stress!!! It was great!! We relaxed for a little and ate....then soon enough people started to come...and almost time for the ring ceremony!!

The ring ceremony ended up being a little late...but it all worked out!! After the ring ceremony...Was the reception!! It was a ton of fun!!! Thank you for everyone that came!!!

As we drove away...we got to drive in the little kings mattress mobile ( the smart car) Which was covered in Peanut Butter and post it notes!!!! We didnt get very far down the road!! We had to pull into a convient store...we got lots of honks!!!!

After we were on our way...Of course we didnt eat anything at the wedding!! I was so hungry I made James stop at Mcdonalds!!! LOL!! Good thing we didnt have far to drive ;0)

**More pictures to come!!! Please email me your email address so I can send them to you!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Week Before

I went to work to get my ordering done and some last minute things....After work my mom and I went shopping for what seemed like forever!! ( I am so proud of her...she never goes shopping)
Later that night..My friend Laurens brother Nick was in town randomly...and came over, so we could all pick up Lauren from the airport! It was a fun night...but I was so exhausted!!

I went to work I could get all my ordering done and finish up!!! When I got back...Nick thought I was still upstairs asleep!! LOL!! Lauren and my mom new better!! We got ready then went to Seattle ( Pikes Place) We had a great time there enjoying the wonderful weather and the different sites!! I know they all loved it!! It was a fun day!!That night we went to bring the columns to the church...then James and I had to meet with Pres. Bishop!! After that we went to go get all of our rental items from Sis Bailey...Thank goodness Nick was still over and had an Suv as a rental!! It made life so much easier! Less trips!! Once we got back we made this amazing dinner!! Salmon...salad..pasta..and Nick made these amazing scallops wrapped in bacon!!! Yumm Yumm!!!

Time to wake up early and get things done!! ( so I heard all these stories about setting up for the wedding can take 8-10 hrs!! I was freaked out!!!) We got to the building at 9am and had some great helpers ( My mom, Lauren, Gwen,Katherine,Jeremy,Lisa,JR,Kerry, and Jamie) With all of us...and half of us not there the whole time!! We got done in 2 1/2 hrs!! It looked amazing!! Like a garden Party!!! Wow I was relieved!!! I was seriously planning all day!!!It was good to get all the last min things done...Then we had a girls night..which consisted of ( my mom, Lauren,Sam,Beth & Keilah...baking cookies and talking) It was fun!!

Lauren and I woke up early - to get our eyelash extensions!! What a great invention!! I love them!! I am addicted!! After we got our lashes done...we went to pick my mom up...then off to Seattle!! We went on a Sailboat for an hour and a was relaxing...and it did go faster than you think it would!!! Then we got Gyros....and went to the german store...then lost lauren for 1/2hr while she was looking for a bathroom!! LOL!! Then we went and picked out all of our flowers!!! Everyone knew it was for a wedding!! You should have seen everyone starring at us!! The pics are great!! LOL!!! ( soon i will post them) Then we went home...and my mom started working on all the buckeyes ( Yumm!! peanut butter and chocolate!) Lauren and I went and got our nails done :) Then we headed over to the church building with all the centerpieces and everything else!!! It was a car full!!! We set up the centerpieces...and got things organized!! Yay!! It is all coming together!!! Then Sam and Beth ran to walmart for some last min things...and Keilah ran to go pick up vases...and Lauren and I were on the run for pizza and movies!!! Once we got back to my house!!! One of my favorite people ...Camille was there!!We all met up and had a lot of fun...talking...eating...planning... Tomorrow is the big day!!!

* Sorry I am missing all the pictures!!! But I figured I should post...because it may take a little while to get them from my mom!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our last Sunday in the singles ward!!!

So you would think with all the stressful things going on and all the craziness...what more can you fit in!! Well, our Bishop assigned James and I talks... I am glad we got them ahead of time...But it didnt help to much ;)

Well, Sunday finally came and our talks went well!! Of course they would!! I am glad I didnt start cracking up and snorting at my own jokes!!! I started the talk of as.... Bishop gave me the topic of Patience..since I am getting married next week...I havent had much time or patience to prepare my talk...and since it is my last week...I know Bishop always likes to fill in the time...and I wanted to hear him speak!!! ( as I looked at him) Then I went on...I would like to Bear my testimony....Just kidding!!!

It was such a great way to start my talk...and it felt great not to feel so nervous!! But on the serious note! Our talks were great!! And my mom even got to come to church along with All of James family! It was so nice!!

After church we went home to relax for a bit...well work on wedding stuff!! Then we had dinner at James mom & was fun!! It was also a combined birthday party for all the kids.....After all the presents and cake...

Sam & Keilah came over to try on their skirts...and then all of us worked on the centerpieces!!
It was great to have everyones help!!! Even the kids :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My mom is here & Bachlorette Party

It is that time....My mom flew in!! I picked her up from the airport, and we met James at the mall and went Claim Jumper and had amazing food!! * James wants to add in that he had country fried steak! And some amazing dessert!

We went home and chatted...then the next morning my mom and I went on a little trip! I took her to Leavenworth..It was the most beautiful drive and a perfect day!! We had a lot of fun!

The next day was Saturday and it was my Bachlorette Party! Sam cam over and picked my mom and I up...we went and picked Keilah up ( And I had to put on my shirt that Sam made) We took a little drive and ended up in Anacortes...We got on the ferry and went over to Friday Harbour! I have never been on a ferry so it was so much fun!!!It was such a beautiful trip over! We then got to friday harbour and found some great little shops!! There was this amazing lavender store- everything you can imagine in lavender!! We even got some lavender -lemon seasoning ( which is amazing) ..Then we ventured on to a few different stores...We found this cute little clothing shop, with the neatest things! My mom got me this cute hat!! Then she found a yarn shop and bought the store out : JK! But she did find some great things- (we are expecting socks) Then we looked at more shops and then we ate at this very nice restraunt with a great view...but not the best was so bad we wont even go there!! We did get 4 free meals...if that says anything!!After our food we went around town some more... found some great places...had some amazing smoothies and icecream!! Then we went back to the ferry....
After we got back we went and got some pizza and went to my house to make favors for the wedding!! It was a great day!!!

* more pictures to come!! Sorry my mom took them all!!