Saturday, July 12, 2008

My mom is here & Bachlorette Party

It is that time....My mom flew in!! I picked her up from the airport, and we met James at the mall and went Claim Jumper and had amazing food!! * James wants to add in that he had country fried steak! And some amazing dessert!

We went home and chatted...then the next morning my mom and I went on a little trip! I took her to Leavenworth..It was the most beautiful drive and a perfect day!! We had a lot of fun!

The next day was Saturday and it was my Bachlorette Party! Sam cam over and picked my mom and I up...we went and picked Keilah up ( And I had to put on my shirt that Sam made) We took a little drive and ended up in Anacortes...We got on the ferry and went over to Friday Harbour! I have never been on a ferry so it was so much fun!!!It was such a beautiful trip over! We then got to friday harbour and found some great little shops!! There was this amazing lavender store- everything you can imagine in lavender!! We even got some lavender -lemon seasoning ( which is amazing) ..Then we ventured on to a few different stores...We found this cute little clothing shop, with the neatest things! My mom got me this cute hat!! Then she found a yarn shop and bought the store out : JK! But she did find some great things- (we are expecting socks) Then we looked at more shops and then we ate at this very nice restraunt with a great view...but not the best was so bad we wont even go there!! We did get 4 free meals...if that says anything!!After our food we went around town some more... found some great places...had some amazing smoothies and icecream!! Then we went back to the ferry....
After we got back we went and got some pizza and went to my house to make favors for the wedding!! It was a great day!!!

* more pictures to come!! Sorry my mom took them all!!

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