Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday July 18th 2008

Today was the day where James and I got sealed in the Seattle Temple for time and all eternity!!!

I woke up this morning, and was so excited! I honestly didn't have a stress in the world!! Today was my day...and I didn't want anything to worry about!!! We woke up early...Camille and I went to Starbucks and Mcdonalds to get drinks!!! We got back and Lauren had already started on the flowers.... Camille and I started on my hair...Soon enough Sam and Keilah showed up : ) It was fun to have everyone there!! Kerry came over and started taking pictures! My hair got done quickly...then Camille did my makeup.... and soon enough I had nothing to do!! Everyone was getting ready....and then it was time to leave!

I got all my things ready - hopped into my bosses little smart car! And headed to Bellevue!! I drove so slow to the temple!! It was great to just stay there and relax.....I got to the temple about the same time as James and his Family!!! It was so great to see him....

We had our sealing...It was amazing...more than words can describe! It is so great to know that James will be my husband not only till death do us part....but for eternity!!! It is such a great blessing and all we have to do in return is live righteously and obey the commandments the Lord has given us!!!

After our Sealing...we had all of our close friends and family waiting for us outside!!! It was the greatest feeling!!! And for the ones who couldnt come...we still thought of them!! We took pictures...which is always fun!!! Then after we all went to the building for the brunch : 0 )
It was so great to have people there helping us out in so many James and I could not have any stress!!! It was great!! We relaxed for a little and ate....then soon enough people started to come...and almost time for the ring ceremony!!

The ring ceremony ended up being a little late...but it all worked out!! After the ring ceremony...Was the reception!! It was a ton of fun!!! Thank you for everyone that came!!!

As we drove away...we got to drive in the little kings mattress mobile ( the smart car) Which was covered in Peanut Butter and post it notes!!!! We didnt get very far down the road!! We had to pull into a convient store...we got lots of honks!!!!

After we were on our way...Of course we didnt eat anything at the wedding!! I was so hungry I made James stop at Mcdonalds!!! LOL!! Good thing we didnt have far to drive ;0)

**More pictures to come!!! Please email me your email address so I can send them to you!!!!


Braden & Amanda said...

You are so beautiful! Thanks for posting the pics, I was so sad to miss it but it looks like it was the perfect day! Congrats, we love you both and look forward to seeing you! We're coming up in October with baby Mason for his blessing, hope to see you then! Congrats again!

Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

Ah I loved reading your posts. It looks like you had so much fun. Good thing it wasn't stressful for you to decorate the was a nightmare for me. HAHAH! :) I love the cute. I read that you got your eyelash extensions. I got those for my wedding too....biggest mistake of my life. I loved them for the wedding and pictures....but they ended up ripping out pretty much all of my eyelashes. I hope you don't have that problem. Do you still like them right now or are they starting to get funny? Well, I am so happy for you and James. It sounds like everything went really well!

Wilcock Family said...

I am SO excited for you guys!! You two are such a beautiful couple!! I wish we all lived closer!!! I love getting on your blog and seeing new posts! I love ya!!

Brandon and Katie said...

You looked so amazingly beautiful =) I'm so happy that you and James will be spending eternity together. Your reception was gorgeous, sorry I couldn't stay too long. How was the honeymoon?!?

Shelley said...

I love all your wedding pictures. You look gorgeous! How is married life? :) You guys look so happy. I am so happy for you.