Monday, July 14, 2008

The Week Before

I went to work to get my ordering done and some last minute things....After work my mom and I went shopping for what seemed like forever!! ( I am so proud of her...she never goes shopping)
Later that night..My friend Laurens brother Nick was in town randomly...and came over, so we could all pick up Lauren from the airport! It was a fun night...but I was so exhausted!!

I went to work I could get all my ordering done and finish up!!! When I got back...Nick thought I was still upstairs asleep!! LOL!! Lauren and my mom new better!! We got ready then went to Seattle ( Pikes Place) We had a great time there enjoying the wonderful weather and the different sites!! I know they all loved it!! It was a fun day!!That night we went to bring the columns to the church...then James and I had to meet with Pres. Bishop!! After that we went to go get all of our rental items from Sis Bailey...Thank goodness Nick was still over and had an Suv as a rental!! It made life so much easier! Less trips!! Once we got back we made this amazing dinner!! Salmon...salad..pasta..and Nick made these amazing scallops wrapped in bacon!!! Yumm Yumm!!!

Time to wake up early and get things done!! ( so I heard all these stories about setting up for the wedding can take 8-10 hrs!! I was freaked out!!!) We got to the building at 9am and had some great helpers ( My mom, Lauren, Gwen,Katherine,Jeremy,Lisa,JR,Kerry, and Jamie) With all of us...and half of us not there the whole time!! We got done in 2 1/2 hrs!! It looked amazing!! Like a garden Party!!! Wow I was relieved!!! I was seriously planning all day!!!It was good to get all the last min things done...Then we had a girls night..which consisted of ( my mom, Lauren,Sam,Beth & Keilah...baking cookies and talking) It was fun!!

Lauren and I woke up early - to get our eyelash extensions!! What a great invention!! I love them!! I am addicted!! After we got our lashes done...we went to pick my mom up...then off to Seattle!! We went on a Sailboat for an hour and a was relaxing...and it did go faster than you think it would!!! Then we got Gyros....and went to the german store...then lost lauren for 1/2hr while she was looking for a bathroom!! LOL!! Then we went and picked out all of our flowers!!! Everyone knew it was for a wedding!! You should have seen everyone starring at us!! The pics are great!! LOL!!! ( soon i will post them) Then we went home...and my mom started working on all the buckeyes ( Yumm!! peanut butter and chocolate!) Lauren and I went and got our nails done :) Then we headed over to the church building with all the centerpieces and everything else!!! It was a car full!!! We set up the centerpieces...and got things organized!! Yay!! It is all coming together!!! Then Sam and Beth ran to walmart for some last min things...and Keilah ran to go pick up vases...and Lauren and I were on the run for pizza and movies!!! Once we got back to my house!!! One of my favorite people ...Camille was there!!We all met up and had a lot of fun...talking...eating...planning... Tomorrow is the big day!!!

* Sorry I am missing all the pictures!!! But I figured I should post...because it may take a little while to get them from my mom!

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