Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It is official!! July 18th!!

* I just caught up on my blogs once again so go down till you are caught up :)

So how James got started!!
He first went and got my ring (yes he picked it out and planned everything!!) His mom went with him and then they went to show Sam ( she was sworn to secracy)

So the whole time he was doing this "He was having a talk with his dad"

He was about to ask me two weeks later.... and to prepare he wrote this to Camille!!

Here is the subject line and the rest follows :

Hush Hush, Top Secret, Die if you Tell, Seriously!!!!

The email read:
Camille, I need to enlist your services for a special project that you can't tell a soul about. Our Friendship would be at stake if you choose to accept this mission and and fail. You are the only one that can help me. Do you choose to accept this mission????? Just so you know, I will hate you if you choose not to accept this mission! Get back to me as soon as you can. James

Camilles response:

I will accept

His reply:
Your dear friend Sarah has been chosen to receive a ring for her birthday. She won't be receiving on Friday, but on Saturday. From what I understand, we will be going to the beach and spending some time there. I have a small treasure chest that will need to be buried in the sand so we can find it a little later. Your role in this is: one, not to tell her, and second, I will need a little distraction once we are on the beach so I will have some time to bury it. I will give you a signal when it is time. You have been fully briefed on the situation and now are fully liable for this information. If in any way this information gets compromised, the wrath of James will come down on you like nothing you have ever experienced. This is your mission. I expect nothing but perfection. Good luck and God Speed. I will contact if further action is needed. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds (not really).

Can I say!! He is the most amazing man and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him!! I am so lucky!!Yay!! Time to start planning!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Best Birthday!!(Even though I wasnt excited for 25)

Thursday April 10th:

So, it first started with my great friends Sam and Keilah who decided to throw a suprise party for me!! (With the help of my other friends who helped them do some last minute touches!)

I was told that Sam and Jeremy were taking me out to Red Robyn for my birthday! Then Sam called and said to meet at her house...

So James and I got there late...of course:) And as soon as we walked in they had all these noisy popers and screamed suprise!! It was a great suprise and such a fun party!! There was some amazing mexican food!! Some great pictionary!!An icecream bar!! Pin the tail on the donkey...And a pinata...that we didn't get to yet...Then there was this fun game involving flour and a penny?? It was great!! Sam lost...we don't know how but it was amusing!!

It was such a fun night!! One I wont forget!!

Friday April 11:

Today is my birthday!!I woke up went to the gym and Laura came too!! Then I went home and got ready for work...I got to work at 8am ....

Then I heard from my family and friends by 8:30 and no word from James.. All of a sudden I got a text message from James saying "I made a mess!!" He came to my house after I left and brought 36 roses and wrote 25!! Then he sprinkled confetti and balloons all over my floor!! He got this huge balloon too and a cute little stuffed dog!!

It was a great suprise!!

Then after work I met Sam at walmart and we had lunch and shopped!! It was another fun adventure!!

Then I got packed and organized...Late like normal :) Then off to James!!

James and I (and the dogs)left for Kelso...and got to Camilles a few hours later!!We unpacked...then went to eat at my favorite mexican restraunt!! Then went to Target, Walmart, and blockbuster!! (who spends a weekend without these stores?? Seriously I needed a dog leash..and some more movies)Then we went back to Camilles and passed out!

April 12th:

We woke up with me trying to wake up camille with her cat alarm clock :) Meow!! It didnt work she was already up :(

Then we got all ready while eating some carmalitas!!Then to Jack in the Box! (Camille's and my signature place..and yes we invited james)

So Camille and I got the french toast sticks and syrup...I dont recommend eating in the car (ecspecially with 2 dogs on your lap)

So off to Oregon we go!! Yay!Only 7 min to the border...then another hour to Astoria where we saw the beautiful column overlooking the water. (Just don't let the dogs off the leash or they will be eaten by the birds!)We also went to Camilles and my favorite antique shop!! And I was so proud of myself for not buying anymore furniture!!

Then off to seaside!!

We got to seaside (what a great day to go!! 80 degrees...does it get this nice here??) I think everyone else got the same idea as us!We finally found parking...then went to the beach!! It was so beautiful...

It was so warm and sunny James had to go to the store to get some sunblock so his head wouldnt get sun burnt!! He came back all smiles and excited with this beautiful treasure box!!

He said " Look at this treasure box I just got isnt it neat"

I said " it is so cool" It was really neat with all of these jewels in it..and at first I overlooked the beautiful ring it had inside!!!

So he tried to get it out but had a little trouble...He said " This marks as one of the worst proposals ever" Honestly it was great!! I was speechless!!

He got the ring out of the treasure chest and was still on both knees and asked me to MARRY him!!

It took me a bit to say yes...Since I was in shock!! But I did say yes!!

It is now official!! We are soon going to be Sarah and James Wagner!!! YAY!!!

So we will be sealed together for time and all eternity in the Seattle Temple on

July 18th,2008!!!