Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Amazing Salon of Camille and Sarah!!!

So Welcome to Our Salon! We always are up for a new adventure!! Well Camille is always ready with me!! We went from all over blonde to a beautiful red...then of course I had to go back blonde again! So that was a wonderful process!! Now I keep going blonder! If that is possible!! I think this maybe the shortest color and cut for us!!

Now for Camille...She has this amazing hair and always looks great...but she shows up to the shower and what has happened!! I think she has been living not in Kelso but in Cali...her hair was so long and looked like she was a beach babe..or a hippie!! Well time to fix that!! We did!! I will need some after pictures from you Camille!!

So all in all my house turned into a Salon...James even got a haircut!! And Fufu as you can see wanted to be included!!

Tonight in total we lost over 10 inches of hair!!! It was a great night!! And of course we had to take our late night trip to walmart ( We wish there was a 24hr target!! ) It was a great night!! And I cant wait till our next hair day!!! Three weeks!!! Yay!! See you soon!!

I feel so blessed!!

I am getting so excited for the day James and I get sealed for all eternity!! Today I had my bridal shower and it made me realize how loved I am and how blessed I am!! It was so amazing!! I had so many people to come and support me! The shower was given by James sister Jenny and my good friends Sam and Keilah!! It was at Emory's restraunt one of my favorite places!! It was so beautiful and the food was amazing!! Better yet the company was great!!! It was so wonderful to have everyone there, to be able to talk, eat, and play some great games!!

So I just love being in front of people...( really not at all)

But we started out with the How well do you know the soon to be "husband" game....and I deserved payback for torturing Allison, Keilah, and Sam through this game ecspecially with the outcome of getting the question wrong with sour gum!! They were a little easier on me so I thought!! They gave me the hard bubble gum...which was so hard to chew!! Here is the video!!

The next game was so creative!! Something I have never seen at a bridal shower!! The price is right...according to Albertsons!! The Host was Keilah!! She did amazing!! Here is a video clip!!

The next game was so much fun!! It was the purse game!! It is crazy what we all have in our purses!!! The things worth the most points were the passport, a 1983 penny (since that is when I was born) and a planner!! It was so much you get a little peek into the fun we had!!

So the next game was a combination of me opening my presents!! They made the cutest little bingo board (Thanks for the help steve) and had to put items on it that they thought I would open...The the theme of my shower was giftcards...and of course I did get some other things ;)
** So be advised before watching**

I hope you got to watch the videos!! The last thing they did was "What I would say on the honeymoon" they took all the things I said while opening up presents!! It was great!!

I just want to say thank you to Jenny, Sam, Keilah, Beth and Mom for all the Hardwork and everyone else who helped put it together!! It was so amazing and I am so grateful!! Thank you for everyone that came and supported me! It really meant the world to me!!! I am so blessed!! Thanks again!!

Another new baby!!

What an exciting month!! Two nieces in one month!! Today my brother and Pam had a baby girl almost 9lbs!! Madison Mae
Birch!! Yay!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet her in
Congrats Gideon and Pam!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have been Tagged!! By Sally!!


I have been tagged! It has taken a while....but I got it done!!:)

I was tagged by Sally so here it goes:

Four things i was doing 10 years ago:
1. Wishing I was sixteen...
2. Had fun with friends and family
3. Had my temp license
4. Working and school

Four things I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Getting ready to move to Utah
2. Got in a car accident a
3. Working at the most amazing salon in Ohio!And Mcdonalds (both jobs 80+ hours a week)
4. Understanding the gospel and started going to all three meetings at church!! It was so great to have friends that helped me get more involved at church and understand the gospel ( Thank you Therese,Lisa,Ali, and Meg!!)

Four things i did yesterday:
1. Worked out (Step Class)
2. Went to the post office
3. Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen
4. Movie and Bowling

Four shows I like to watch:
# 1.Desperate Housewives
#2. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette * Right now the bachlorette LOVE IT!!!

Sorry I dont have cable...and dont really have time for much tv!! These are my most favorite!! ABC.COM!!!

I was tagged by Sally, now I am tagging: Camille,Lisa,Ali,Therese,Shelley and whoever else wants to do it!!

Saturday!! A day where we could relax and have fun!!

So normally when James has a Saturday off I always have this schedule of a million things to do...normally errands and things to do around the house...or things for the wedding! So this Saturday was so great!! The day started off going to the gym! My good friend Victoria picked me up

and we went for an hour and a half!! We did a step class!! My favorite!! James was still working out so Victoria and I went back to my house and caught up for a bit!!James came over and we relaxed till it was time to go run to the post office and then out to eat!! My favorite place!! The California Pizza Kitchen!! I havent eaten there in forever!! It reminded me of Provo...good times with Teresa!! ( I just caught up with her on Saturday!! And she is getting married the day after the SLC temple!) So we went to Northgate and met up with Parker and Brandice...and her cousin and there friend Joe! It was so much fun and great food!!My favorite the bbq chicken pizza and the bbq chicken chopped salad!!

Afterwards we went to Target!! One of my other favorite places!! And I love the Northgate Target...two stories and an elevator that carries carts!!I know I get amused easily!!

Then James and I went to see Indiana Jones!! It was good :) Just another Indiana Jones...remember we are easy critics!!!

Then we rushed off to go to James bowling for WAMU for the Junior Achievment....they had to raise money :) Then we got to bowl! James bowling shirt said "Thriller" and I was "Mrs.Thriller" (pictures will be up soon for that)

It was another great day!! I figured we could have a break since Invitations were almost all out ( well we ran out!!) It was a good thing I got them out early!!!

Now ready for another fun and exciting week!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A good movie to see if it is in your area!! Emma Smith!

I always love different church movies and was so upset when I found out that the "work & the glory" movies, were only going to be three!! I was so upset I even wrote them :0) Well I am an easy critic and when I first joined the church I know that being able to watch these movies it helped me have a greater understanding about the basics of the gospel. I know that the movies they try to be as accurate as possible, and it is not perfect in its description of all historical facts, but it was so uplifting and a great movie to see!! I would recommend it to everyone, especially if it is in theatres near you! I know it only played in one theatre in it was something I wanted to promote!!

Mormon Women - Emma Smith: My Story - LDS

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A new Baby!! Maisy Jane Wagner!!

So I have never really been around babies...And this year my boss just had her 4th child and now James Brother Aric and Wife Lena just had number 5! We got to go to the hospital and visit them!! She is so adorable....So I hope mothers arent offended if you don't want to hold their child...I just really dont want to hold them wrong or do anything to make them cry :) But I do like babies! I just think I need to be around them more! Soon here my brother and his soon to be wife will have a baby!!They already have one child that she had before they met...and he is so cute! So I will really be an aunt!! And soon when James and I get married I will be an aunt to so many!! Yay!! It will be good practice!! Last year I got to change my first diaper..James sister Jenny made me ...I was trying to wait till I had kids...but that didnt happen...I was shown before by Shelley when we lived in Cali...I was trying to get a nanny job and figured I needed to know!! So I had good practice ;)One day :) My boss did ask me when I was at her shower to wait :) But she was kidding! She loves kids and loves bringing them into this world...We will see what happens!!