Sunday, June 1, 2008

A new Baby!! Maisy Jane Wagner!!

So I have never really been around babies...And this year my boss just had her 4th child and now James Brother Aric and Wife Lena just had number 5! We got to go to the hospital and visit them!! She is so adorable....So I hope mothers arent offended if you don't want to hold their child...I just really dont want to hold them wrong or do anything to make them cry :) But I do like babies! I just think I need to be around them more! Soon here my brother and his soon to be wife will have a baby!!They already have one child that she had before they met...and he is so cute! So I will really be an aunt!! And soon when James and I get married I will be an aunt to so many!! Yay!! It will be good practice!! Last year I got to change my first diaper..James sister Jenny made me ...I was trying to wait till I had kids...but that didnt happen...I was shown before by Shelley when we lived in Cali...I was trying to get a nanny job and figured I needed to know!! So I had good practice ;)One day :) My boss did ask me when I was at her shower to wait :) But she was kidding! She loves kids and loves bringing them into this world...We will see what happens!!

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