Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Busy!!49 days and counting!!

Less than 50 days! Now it is time to get all the invitations out!! We got them and they are just what we wanted! Our pictures turned out better than we could have ever imagined!!Well James wants a little more hair...they tried to photo shop that in..but there is only so much you can do!

The weather has been so amazing! I don't think it has ever been so nice since I have lived here!It makes me love Washington even more...I just wish the weather was more consistent!We were looking into getting a house but decided to wait a year..And I am more than happy living where I am at now! After meeting with the realtor we got home and worked on my little back yard :) James put a fence up so the dogs cant escape...and Fufu is now the happiest dog in the world since she gets to play outside all the time! Then we made a trip to lowes and bought cedar chips,soil, and flowers! The day before I bought the cutest little patio set that looks perfect for me!So we planted flowers, james cut the ivy and put cedar chips along the border!It is so nice and peaceful!! We wanted to enjoy our little patio so we made burgers outside (on a griddle :0) It was the perfect ending to the day! Now we have been having smores with our little smore maker (thanks to my aunt cheryl quite a few christmas ago) it is so nice at night to go relax outside!We also got a grill and tonight we got to use it!! I love it!! it is starting to get work, getting ready for james to move in,normal everyday life stuff and wedding stuff!!

I did sell my bed yesterday!!Yay!!Now James can start planning his tv room (formerly know as my bedroom) We did find some furniture
(minus the pillows) So we are excited!!

I will keep posting!!And keeping updated...I just havent taken pictures for awhile...and feel bad not putting any up! But I guess it is better to write!!


Braden & Amanda said...

Hey thats almost the same couch we have! I love having a sectional, the corner is the best movie watching/cuddling part! Cant wait to hear more wedding details! Congrats you guys!

Wilcock Family said...

YAY!! I am SO EXCITED for you guys! I want to come ;) Rich is looking for a job in Washington right now, so it's possible we maoy move there. How fun would that be?!! I love ya a ton! So excited for you!!!!! :) I want to see your invitation pictures :)