Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Parents Visit!

My Parents came Christmas Day and stayed for 18days! I have never had 18 days go so the time they left I really felt like they were here for a weekend! I think I was so out of it for almost the whole time they were visiting! I lived on my couch...I could hardly move! The recovery for a c-section was a lot harder than I would have ever expected! I couldnt even sleep in my bed for the first month ( It didnt help that my bed is super tall...but the only thing that was comfortable was to sit up sleeping)
It was so nice having my parents helping...It was nice to have them make and bring every meal to me. It was great having them walk Emerson and rock him, since it hurt me to. They changed his diapers...did all his laundry ( which was over 6 loads - from all the new clothes and all the ones I never washed) I am just so grateful for all the help they were! I hope next time they visit it could be a more fun one! They did have fun by themselves..I think my mom made more socks in the time she was visiting than she does in a year! They had so much fun playing scrabble slam every night and they were able to go out too! They also let me go out a few times with James and Sam! How great it is ...just going to the store :)
I am so grateful for the time they spent with us! It was so nice to have them take care of me and help with Emerson!

Thank you mom and dad!!

Christmas Day!

We woke up this morning with our little bundle of joy! I dont think you realize how long it takes to get ready with a newborn :) Feed the baby, dress him, get his bags packed...spend a second to get yourself ready...then get the baby in the car seat!

We got ready and were almost on time for Christmas at James Mom's and Dans! Emerson was dressed as santa looking cute as ever!It was so nice to spend Christmas with is hard not having my family close so it is so nice having family and friends that are always there for me!

So Christmas morning we had breakfast with James is so fun having all his brothers and sisters and their kids...and on top of it all of his step brothers and step sister with their families! It makes for a fun time!

This year we did a white elephant gift exchange and it is always fun! We ended up getting pass the popcorn game and James got a utility knife and bullets! Emerson got some cute outfits from Tad and Hilary and James mom and Dan!

Later in the day we took a nap..and went home to clean up and relax.

My parents flew in and got in around 9pm. James dad went and picked them up! We were so excited for them to come and meet little Emerson!

Once they got to our house they met Emerson and then we started opening Christmas presents! It didnt last too long Emerson was hungry and my parents got sleepy.....

So the day after Christmas...we had Christmas with my mom and dad!Our house got filled with lots of gifts for Emerson...from my parents, Gideon and Pam, My grandparents, and all my aunts and uncles, and my cousin Rob and Deanna! Thank you everyone!!

Here are pictures from the day after Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chistmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve it was so special to have our little one here with us! We left the hospital with Emerson that late afternoon! That night James sister Jenny and the kids came over and made us dinner :)

It was our first night with Emerson and he ate and slept :) We opened our Christmas pajamas! And I didnt move much from the couch :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Hospital Visitors!

We had so many people to come and support us while we were in the hospital, we are so appreciative of everyone who came and also everyone who called! Here are just a few pictures of some of Emerson's visitors!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Emerson James Wagner

After 23 hours of labor...I started having contractions at 3am on Sunday the 20th! My due date...after a long day at the hospital I started pushing at 11pm and pushed for 2 hours. Then he wasnt coming out so we had to have an emergency c - section... which I was able to feel it all! So lots of numbing medicine! At 1:56 am on Monday the 21st. Emerson James Wagner was welcomed in the world!Emerson was 8lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long. It was so great to have a room full while I was going through labor and pushing! I am so greatful for great friends and family!! Thank you Sam & Jeremy, Maggie,Jenny and James for being there for me all day!!!