Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slacker I am ......well not really.

Wow, where does time go.
I have been looking through pictures a lot lately and I can't believe how fast the time goes. It makes me really think about the things I am doing, and what I want to be spending my valuable time on. Maybe thats why I haven't been blogging much? No that's not the real excuse :)

For the next 5 days, James took off so we can get some big projects done around the house! I can't wait! We have been working on Emerson's room - an ongoing project. But, since winter is right around the corner - and I HATE the cold (unless I am skiing in it). We are making his room so we will love being in it ALL day!

So lots of pictures to come! And, I will catch up on all the past blogposts....but I figure I should concentrate on the future...or I will never get caught up!

Here is a picture of our cute little kiddos (and James) - growing faster than weeds!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To O-H-I-O we go!!

Well, James has never flown with Emerson and this time we got to fly with 2 kids under 2! We were lucky to get a direct flight to Cleveland, we had bags filled with goodies and things for Emerson to do...but we got on the plane last so there wasn't really room for our stuff to be near us.

* We did get to the airport 2 hours early, it took awhile to get through security with 2 kiddos and a bunch of stuff then we had to get to the furthest part of the airport and the elevator didn't work, so we took the stroller and carseat up the escalator! Then ran to catch our flight :)

Now we are enjoying Ohio, spending time with family and keeping busy ! Make sure to check back for lots of new posts!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emerson's new obsession!

Emerson loves playing with Sissy's bows and headbands. He is always wearing them, or his knight hat! We will need to come up with something clever so he stays away from the headbands and bows. Here is just a little preview.....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Evergreen Fair

We weren't planning on going to the fair this year, but really wanted to go. So, we had James dad over for dinner and he said he really wanted to go to the fair and needed someone to go with him since he just had a stroke.... So we ended up going!!

It seriously was my favorite time at the fair, and I have had a lot of good times at the fair { since I grew up doing 4-H and being at the fair yearly.} I really know why they say being a mom is the best thing ever!! It brings me so much joy to see my kids happy, and at the moment Emerson can truly show his emotions!Zoe not so much...but she enjoyed all the people watching,and had lots of people come up to her and tell her how cute she was ( I almost thought she was an attraction with how many people came up to her)Going to the fair it was Emerson's first time going on the rides (Yes he is a large 20 month old already 36 inches) He seriously had so much fun and it was so fun watching him go on the roller coaster with his dad, and the car ride by himself,and the merry go round! Once he got in his little car he was just light up! We thought he was going to be scared since he was by himself, but he didn't want it to stop!

His new favorite food is corndogs - and yes he had one at the fair!

He got to try an elephant ear - and loved it!

He got a big turtle from the balloon popping game - james won him.

He got to see a pig race - which he loved.

He got to see animals - and he tried to make the noises.

All in all he loved the fair!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where oh where did the Wagners go????

Well Life has been super busy? Who would have guessed!! We have been enjoying life to the fullest with our little kiddos, working, keeping up on the house, spending time with family and friends and fitting in a few vacations!!

Now, we are on a little break in Ohio - so instead of being super busy working and blogging away, I am going to take some much needed time to catch up on this blog!!

Instead of staring from where I left off, I am going to go backwards in time!! READY!!!!

And make sure to check out Coupon Connections when you have free time, that is where I have been spending all my free time :)