Saturday, March 22, 2008


So Camille and I were planning on a girls/hair weekend!!

I was going to leave on Friday..but since I got a lot of overtime...I got all of Friday off!!

I left late Thursday night after James basketball game (which they won!!) And got to Camilles around 2am!!

We went to sleep not long after I got to her cute little town!!

The next morning I woke up earlier than her and had fun with her kitty alarm clock :) Meow!!

We got hair started early since I am her high matinenace friend!! Then she worked on and off while getting my hair done!!

We went on a beautiful walk...then went to target...and my new favorite mexican place!!

We got back watched movies ( well I fell asleep ..go figure)

The next morning alarm clock kitty again! Meow!!

We went to our ever so famous jack in the box while driving the aveo (its a rental)

We went to this beautiful town Astoria!! Went antiquing..bought some furniture...window shopped..and found this amazing restraunt!!

We had a great weekend!! I can't wait to come back!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

So I have been a Slacker!

Wow Life gets crazy and passes by, each month I think there will be more time and I seem to get less. It has been crazy at work, my boss is about to have a baby so there are so many deadlines and a million projects! I always want to post but I hate posting without pictures.So I will catch make sure to start checking again and look at past posts!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pikes Place!!

Tulips at Pike Place MarketSo have I said how much I love pikes place!! James and I went today and it was so much fun!! I had to call my mom and rub it in her face that I went!! Since I have lived here for almost 2 years and she has yet to visit!! (She says when James and I get married she may come) Well I don't think I have been in the spring..It was absolutely beautiful...But I may say I do like the summer better!! I think it is just as busy if not busier!! But I love all the flowers...We didn't get any flowers today...Daffodils are pretty but not my cup of tea...tulips were a dollar a not quite worth it...So we got dried lavender instead.
We went to my FAVORITE store "The Bavarian Meat store" which is a German store with all different things that have been imported!! It is amazing! We got so much great stuff!! I would write down all the things..but you would have no idea what it is :0) After that we got some Halibut that we are going to make on Sunday along with some Gnocchi.... Then we had Gyros!!Yumm!! And we bought some pork humbow!! Which are these amazing sweet rolls filled with bbq pork??
Well it was a great day at pikes place!! Then off to costco we go!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1st!Sam and Jeremy Sealed!!!

Today was the day where Sam and Jeremy were sealed for time and all eternity in the Seattle Temple! It was such a beautiful ceremony and they were both so excited!! After they were sealed, we went to the Monte Cristo in Everett, Wa where we got prepared for their ring ceremony. Bishop Rudd was conducting and did a beautiful job. As Sam and Jeremy came down the stairs her grandfather sang this amazing song!! It was just perfect!! It was a great evening, lots of great food, dancing, and more fun!! At the end of the night as they left....the boys decorated the car:)

* The sticky notes didn't fly off and the oreos got even worse in the car wash :)
*Sam and Jeremy had a great honeymoon in Mazatlan...and didn't come back fried!!

Pictures will come soon!!