Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1st!Sam and Jeremy Sealed!!!

Today was the day where Sam and Jeremy were sealed for time and all eternity in the Seattle Temple! It was such a beautiful ceremony and they were both so excited!! After they were sealed, we went to the Monte Cristo in Everett, Wa where we got prepared for their ring ceremony. Bishop Rudd was conducting and did a beautiful job. As Sam and Jeremy came down the stairs her grandfather sang this amazing song!! It was just perfect!! It was a great evening, lots of great food, dancing, and more fun!! At the end of the night as they left....the boys decorated the car:)

* The sticky notes didn't fly off and the oreos got even worse in the car wash :)
*Sam and Jeremy had a great honeymoon in Mazatlan...and didn't come back fried!!

Pictures will come soon!!

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Braden & Amanda said...

Yay please tell them congrats from us!! Its so good to see your updats Sarah! Im coming home for a baby shower in May and would love for you to come if you want! Let me know!