Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our one Year Anniversary

So, we were planning on going out to a nice restraunt and a movie, instead we decided since we went out to eat about 6 TIMES the week and the half before we were all caught up! So we went to blockbuster and got more movies for our collection (yes it keeps growing and we need another dvd rack) and we got pizza from Little Ceasers ( and just to let you know its not because we are cheap but it is our favorite) We had dinner and a movie in my room...I filled it with cut out hearts and over a hundred reasons why I love him!! It was a great night <3

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

So, I have a Valentine!! This Valentines Day was our first Valentines Day together!! We werent going to do anything for each other but go out to dinner.... But James got me this beautiful orchid and wrote me a letter! For James I got him a Nerf gun...yes he is 25years old and still loves to play with nerf guns! James and one of his best friends Jeremy have wars and it is the present of the year!!

We went to one of my new favorite restraunts in Seattle...It is called Red Finn!! It has the best Sushi, great steak, and appitizers!!

After we went to Dairy Queen and watched a movie!! Fun night!!