Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our little scare :(

I decided to make an appointment for Emerson because I didnt feel like he was gaining weight. I took him to the doctor and he was still not up to his birth weight (6 weeks later) The doctor didnt seem to worried, I was just to give him a bottle ( either that I pump or of formula) after he breastfeeds. Then a few days later we were suppose to come back and get his weight checked. Following the appointment he was suppose to get some blood work done... so we went over to Stevens Hospital, I talked to James for a moment but he had to go to work and I needed to bring emerson in. While they were starting to take his blood he was screaming...and James surprised us by coming and he found us by Emerson's scream :) It wasnt too bad, it is just hard to hear them upset.

By the time we got home he was asleep, so I left him in his car seat. James came home to for a minute so we can figure out the formula. He went back to work. While he was at work with a customer, the hospital called and asked to interrupt and speak to James. His boss gave him the message and he excused himself. The Dr that called said that we need to get to Childrens Hospital as soon as possible, they were doing Emerson's blood work and there was something wrong with his kidneys and his electrolytes were off. So James called me and told me not to panic but to have Emerson ready along with all his things. So I had to call Sam to let her know I couldnt do her mom Lisa's hair in a few minutes :(

James got home we rushed to childrens ( with great directions from the VanDykes) When we got to Childrens we tried checking in but no one was we were freaking out! Finally they figured out that we were suppose to be in the Emergency room...and we were already checked in. As soon as we got to the Emergency room we waited just a few minutes and they had his room ready ( around 3:30pm) They took him in..weighed him..then tried 3 different times to put an IV in! They couldnt get it so someone else came and took his blood again for the second time in one day.

We really didnt know what was going on and if he was ok...and they couldnt say. Around 8pm the doctors came in and said we would be staying the night, and that they were very concerned about his weight and that his liver count was high. But they couldnt say if there was something wrong :( So James went home to take care of the dog, and get some things... Emerson and I soon went into the room where we would be staying :) James hurried back and it was just a night of waking up every 3hrs and feeding him, and weighing him.

The next day it was pretty much the same as before...weighing him and feeding him. When we met with the Doctors they said just feed him every three hours and under 30min. They felt like he was eating too often and for too long and that he was burning too many calories. So that is what we did! It was a boring day..we had Maggie, Sam and James mom visit and bring us things :) Which was so nice! Then it was just waiting time till 9pm to see how much he gained! It was 9pm and James had left the hospital to go get some clothes ( since Emerson spit up all the formula on him) But we weighed him and he gained 3 ounces!!!! He was only suppose to gain one ounce!So just one more night at the hospital!!!

I am so grateful for prayer and for everyone that had us in their thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Shower!

My friend Rozemary threw a baby shower for Emerson after he was born! It was nice having my mom to be there for it!It was nice and small, and he was very good for it :) He ate and slept :) We had some great desserts and punch! Thanks for everyone that was able to come!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A day to the beach :)

We havent wanted to take Emerson out much since it is cold out ....But before my parents left we took them down to Edmonds! We went to a few different shops then went down to the beach! Here are a few pictures of Emerson's first time at the beach :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emerson's Baby Blessing

What a special day....In our church, we don’t have infant baptism, but we have baby blessings. It’s a priesthood ordinance that usually fathers perform. A group of priesthood holders will form a circle while they hold him and the dad will officially give them the name that they will be known by and then they are blessed with wonderful things. For example, they might be blessed with good health, to have a strong testimony of the Savior, to be charitable, to marry in the temple someday, or told of special gifts that they have.

It was so nice to have family and friends at his blessing!Emerson did so well! He was barley two weeks old, but we wanted to do it while my parents were still visiting!What an amazing day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emerson's First Bath

Today was Emerson's first official bath! He likes it if the water is warm and if you put the washcloth on his belly :) I was super scared to give him a bath...but it wasnt too bad! He is just so tiny!