Friday, July 31, 2009

Garage Sales!!

This summer has been fun being able to go to garage sales! I haven't been able to go since I already have my house all decorated and dont need to buy more for it! But now since we have the baby coming I have been going as much as possible!!! Here are a few pictures of the times I have gone!!!

Here is a picture of my first garage sales with Allison!! It was the "Motherhood of all Garage Sales" and the name sure said it all!!!! It was by far the best one I have ever been to and will be looking out for it next year!!!!

Here are some pictures of one of the many garage sales Sam and I went to!!! So many great finds!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging :(

So I have gotten so behind on blogging! So much going on and no desire to be on the computer any more than I am! But I am going to catch up! And hopefully not get behind again!! So enjoy all the new posts!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So where do we start......

So much has been going on....and with work being busy....then our house keeping us busy...Leaves no time to blog! We are finally to the point where we can take a break for a bit! Well not be as busy as we have been and be able to sit down instead of just passing out from being exhausted!!

So now we will catch you up on what has been going on!! Sorry to be behind! I will try to keep more updated!!!

So lets start with a picture :)

Here is me at 19 weeks!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some recent date nights!!!

So we were so busy for so long and now we need a break! We want to start hanging out with friends again and have a life! So what is the best way to do that!! Set a date! Whether it is a month away! Just pick a date and go for it!!It really works!!!
Here our some pictures of our recent date nights!! And we even had one to ourselves!What a treat!

Here is pictures out with Casey and Maggie!
A late Birthday extension for Maggie :)

Then here are some pictures of our date night with Chris and Allison - Alan and Shari! Dinner and games! So much fun!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Year already!

It is crazy to think that one year ago we were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! It is so amazing at the great blessings it brings into your lives once you make that sacred covenant! It was such an amazing day and one we will always remember!

A lot has happened in one year!
We were able to purchase a home.... Then we found out we are expecting our first child!
It has been quite the adventure! We are always busy doing new things- I think that is why the time flew so quickly! It has been a great year though and I cant wait for more!!!!

So for our anniversary we decided to do something small since we have our BIG trip coming up in October! We took the weekend off and went up to Ocean Shores! The first day we went camping! We seriously got the best spot at the camp ground! It was right on the water...and was so amazing!!! ( The guy that I called said he gave us the "honeymoon spot") It was a bit cooler than it was in Seattle...So we werent to prepared :) We were kind of glad that we were only camping for one night!

Friday- We got to our campsite! Set up!Went on the beach! Went in to town and bought some supplies! Then we went to this amazing little mexican restraunt! Then we fed fufu some leftovers :) And got back to our site and made some smores!!

Saturday- We woke up early :) Took a walk on the beach! Went to go get some hot chocolate and breakfast in town!Then we went back to the campground started to pack up! Then went on a long drive and found this secluded beach front...took a long walk! Then we drove to our hotel and hung out in town for a bit! Got into our ready for the day! Then took fufu to the groomers so we could have a break without her! Then we went shopping! Had lunch! Then rented mope heads! Afterwards we got fufu a kite relaxed on the beach...then took a break and watched some movies in our hotel! Got dinner and that was the day!

Sunday- we checked out! Hung out on the beach and enjoyed our last day!!

It was a great trip.....Traffic wasnt fun at all!! Took 6 hours each way instead of the three! But it was a great trip and a great way to celebrate!

Here are some pictures!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Housewarming Party!

Here is a picture of James Dad....he is pretending not to like fufu....he really loves her and her dress :P

Dan, James Mom- Hilary (Dans daughter) Tad Maisee and Cooper!

Maggie and I

Some of the party!

Allison, Me, and Sam!

So Here are just a few pictures! I have been so bad lately with remembering my camera! It died right after these pictures!! I will try to be better!

It was such a busy day doing last minute things- like buying all the food :) Then afterwards one of my bestfriends stopped by from Utah for a few with her brother! It was nice to visit....then it was time for the party!!!!

We had a great turn out for our party! And I am so grateful for all those who came!It was such a great day out... a little warm- But that has been Seattle weather this year!

We had different spurts of people come all through out the night! Right after a lot of people left...a bunch of people from the Singles Ward came! Then after they left Maggie and Casey came back! It was a long fun day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

4th of July was a great day!

We were able to go to James sisters house.... They had a bunch of people over for a pickleball tournament!

Here is a great picture of one of his brothers!

He got all dressed up for the occasion! We loved the shorts ;)

After we went to lowes...And bought a grill!!! Yay!! I am now in heaven!! I can grill steak everyday!!!! Yumm!!! And of course some more plants too!!

Then we went back to our house! Did I mention we are putting in my salon??? I dont think so! Well we are re-doing our laundry room! Took out a door! Put in all new plumbing! Put in a false wall! My new hair sink!! So our free time is going into this...with some help from our friend Janzen and James Dad!!!

Once we got done working on the house we went to Lynnwood High School for Fireworks....It has been our tradition and this will be the last year there :( We met up with the usual ....Sam and Jeremy and now baby Landon! Sams family! Steve! And James sister and kids!! Here are a few pictures from the fun night!!!

Sam, Landon and I

Jeremy, Sam and Landon

Me 4 months preggo!

What a great night!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Projects

Here is a picture of our house Before we moved in....Notice all the ugly bushes....The gross color Blue...and the roof!!!

is an after picture of the new color we painted it :) Green! And our lovely new roof! And Minus our jungle - Now you can see our house!

Here is a day we spent rototilling - James is doing a great job!! It was a ton of work! Next we planted grass!

Here was an over grown tree and plants where these huge ugly plants were! Thanks to James barely pulled them out! Looks better now!

Here is a picture of our newly painted house...our new grass and garden!!!

So you would think that it wasnt a lot of work to do this....Well! Boy was I wrong!!! I dont think I have ever worked so hard in my life!!

1. James mom came over and helped me get rid of half the plants......and she pulled out all the old bricks! (All week project)

2. James sister and kids came over and we removed the rest of the plants!! James car helped pull them out too :) Then we tried to rototill it....but we broke it!! So then we tried the next weekend! ( Weekend)

3. We got a rototiller thanks to Jeremy! We rototilled the yard! Then went to lowes and bought all the things to plant grass!Went to James sisters house and borrowed a roller...then came back and finished planting grass seed!!!! (Another weekend)

4. Waited for the grass to sprout....then got a container of soil (about a 20 foot container filled with more than 8 yards of soil....Tons of wheel borrows full!!) Then we took natural rocks from the backyard....filled it in with soil....then planted our plants!! ( Another whole weekend...and more dirt to shovel)

So this little project was exhausting!! Then we started more!!!

Thanks for the help! And thanks for all the supplies- Jeremy Tad & Hilary!