Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Year already!

It is crazy to think that one year ago we were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! It is so amazing at the great blessings it brings into your lives once you make that sacred covenant! It was such an amazing day and one we will always remember!

A lot has happened in one year!
We were able to purchase a home.... Then we found out we are expecting our first child!
It has been quite the adventure! We are always busy doing new things- I think that is why the time flew so quickly! It has been a great year though and I cant wait for more!!!!

So for our anniversary we decided to do something small since we have our BIG trip coming up in October! We took the weekend off and went up to Ocean Shores! The first day we went camping! We seriously got the best spot at the camp ground! It was right on the water...and was so amazing!!! ( The guy that I called said he gave us the "honeymoon spot") It was a bit cooler than it was in Seattle...So we werent to prepared :) We were kind of glad that we were only camping for one night!

Friday- We got to our campsite! Set up!Went on the beach! Went in to town and bought some supplies! Then we went to this amazing little mexican restraunt! Then we fed fufu some leftovers :) And got back to our site and made some smores!!

Saturday- We woke up early :) Took a walk on the beach! Went to go get some hot chocolate and breakfast in town!Then we went back to the campground started to pack up! Then went on a long drive and found this secluded beach front...took a long walk! Then we drove to our hotel and hung out in town for a bit! Got into our ready for the day! Then took fufu to the groomers so we could have a break without her! Then we went shopping! Had lunch! Then rented mope heads! Afterwards we got fufu a kite relaxed on the beach...then took a break and watched some movies in our hotel! Got dinner and that was the day!

Sunday- we checked out! Hung out on the beach and enjoyed our last day!!

It was a great trip.....Traffic wasnt fun at all!! Took 6 hours each way instead of the three! But it was a great trip and a great way to celebrate!

Here are some pictures!!!!

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Ashley said...

That looks like a ton of fun, I LOVE camping! And your dog is adorable, I just want to pet her!!