Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tag from Sam- here we go...

4 Random Things I Love About My Husband

1. How he always knows what to say!
2. How he brings out the best in me!
3. How he always knows how to make me laugh!
4. How he gets better everyday!

4 Jobs I've Had

1. John Roberts Hair Studio & Spa
2. Remedez Salon
3. Firstline Security - Sales and Office Manager
4. Kings Mattress- Administrative Assistant (slave jk)

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1. How to lose a Guy in 10 days
2. Notebook
3. Transformers
4. Failure to Launch
*Seriously every movie I own I have!!

4 TV Shows I Watch

1. Gossip
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Samantha Who
4. King of Queens

4 Places I've Been

1. Europe- Italy,Germany,Switzerland,Austria,
2. Mexico
3. Canada- Whistler My Favorite!!
4. Hawaii

4 of My Favorite Foods

1. Mexican food!!
2. Little Ceasars Pizza!
3. German food
4. California Pizza kitchen chopped bbq salad

4 Places I Would Like to Visit

1. France - next year!
2. Africa
3. Australia
4. Hawaii again!

4 Things I Look Forward to in This Coming Year...

1. Halloween
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas
4. Skiing!!

I tag..anyone who wants to do it!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our House!!

So I have had numerous requests to see the new paint and some of the new furniture!!! We are trying to make our "home" our "home" well at least for a while!! I have lived here for a year this month!!!! It is one of the longest!!!Well besides the one I grew up in!!!! Here is for another year!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bowling Time!!!

We got the chance to go out with our good friends.... Sam & Jeremy and Steve & Keilah we went Bowling and it was so much fun!! Steve & Keilah had the idea to resemble Flinstone characters....
Steve & Keilah were Barney & Betty ...Sam & Jeremy were Fred & Wilma and we were BamBam & Pebbles!!!

We decided to have a contest against the couples : whoever got the best score wins icecream at Mcdonalds!!

The Guys were all doing amazing till the end where Sam kicked but!! Steve had the highest score though!!!

The Winners were ....drum roll!!! Sam & Jeremy!!!! So we all went to Mcdonalds!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 months we have been married!!!

Today was a busy day!! We woke up! Got all of our stuff ready....then we went to the post office to ship off all of our packages! Then we stopped at McDonalds...said hi to Ann! And got James a chocolate shake and cookies ( thank ann)

Afterwards we headed home...and spent some time with My mom and dad...and my grandparents!!And of course Madison!!It was really nice!! Soon enough it was time for us to go!! We said our goodbyes....and hopefully we will be able to visit soon again! My dad was leaving after his week vacation...to get back on the road again...so he had to say his goodbyes to my mom too!!

My mom took us to the airport!!Then we said our goodbyes!! After we waived goodbye and went through security...of course James was too nice! We got searched! Well they probably search half the people it is such a tiny airport!!! But the people were nice!

We got on our flight...and wow...This lady was freaking out...saying and swearing that she didnt want to be on the plane...saying she didnt care if she got arrested freaking everyone else out on the plane...well the flight attendant calmed her down...giving her stuff...while her little kid was kicking our seats and coughing all over us....Seriously..this lady was faking it!! How annoying what some people do to get attention!!!

Well when we got to Atlanta and on our next flight it was very nice!! I read a whole book!!! Nicholas Sparks "The Choice" I think I cried the whole begining of the flight!!! Afterwards they had tvs in every seat and I watched the Maid of Honor!! Wow!! Such a cute movie...it made me laugh and cry!!!

Well it was a good flight!!!The only bad thing about it....it wasnt holding our luggage for some reason....it was on the next flight!! Well it was the first time I ever saw Jameson get mad!!! I was the one that needed to calm him down!!! LOL!! ( I guess there is a first time for everything!)
Good thing Jenny and the kids were patiently waiting for us!!!

It was a great trip ...now back to reality!!!!

And Happy two month Anniversary to us!!! It was a great one!! ( well the trip!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Apple Orchard!!

So today we got to go to my favorite Apple Orchard!!Beckwiths!!! I love it there!! So many good things! And the most amazing cider!! Seriously!! I have been craving it since we got back!!! And I dont want the fake apple cider...I need the real stuff!! ( Does anyone know of some good apple orchards in Washington??? )

Earlier that day we went to our storage unit!! Wow!! A lot of stuff!! Well we shipped 5 boxes to ourslves!! Including a vacuum! Now we need to decide what to do with all rest of the stuff!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chagrin Falls - my most favorite place!!!

So today we went to my favorite place!! Chagrin Falls!!I just adore that place! I used to work at the most amazing salon there...John Roberts...and the town is just perfect!! I love all the shops and the cute little restraunts!

We went to the herb shop!! And yes they do now have a website!!! When we were there we bought Madison a little spider that is dressed in a lady bug outfit that makes halloween noises!! Then we got some Christmas presents...and got my mom some stuff she wanted! We also bought a bee rug!! It is so cute!! I have a collection of bee stuff...and one day it will be in our baby room!!!

Then we went to the Dog Bakery!! It has gotten bigger since last time!! Of course we bought stuff there!! And got some treats too for the dogs!!!

Then off to Yours Truly!!! I have been craving this place forever!!! We of course got the Lotso Notso fries!!! And something new...Fried Artichokes with a spicy ranch dressing!! Yumm!!!!

After Yours Truly we went to my next favorite place!! The Popcorn Shop!! We bought some popcorn....amazing milkshakes..and of course Jameson got cookies!!!After that we walked down to the waterfalls!!!

It was a fun day!! Then we went over to my grandparents house...talked for a bit and headed home!

That night...Lauren came over...Then we went to Gabes again!! Found some more good things!! Good thing we brought an empty suitcase!!!

Afterwards..we went to chipotle...and then I cut Laurens hair!!

What a fun day!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cedar Point and Kalahari!!!!

So, the day after the wedding....we were planning on going to cedar point...but it was calling for 100% rain!! So James and I decided we werent going to go...so we slept in! Till we got a knock on our door...and My brother and his wife were dropping off their baby so they can go to Virginia Beach for their honeymoon! But...it was beautiful outside and the forecast had changed!! So as soon as they left we called Lauren and got ready and drove over and picked her up!!!
James drove to Sandusky ( it was easy thanks to the Garmin) while Lauren slept :)

We got to cedar point and it was still such beautiful weather!!We figured we could at least get on most of the rides!!

It was neat to see all the Halloween stuff!! It was the begining of freight fest there! They even had haunted houses!!

We did almost all of the rides! But one...the one James really wanted to go on and convinced me to...we were waiting in line but the winds got to over 45mph...so they had to close it!

We were getting ready to leave....and decided to call Kalahari it is an indoor waterpark! So the three of us decided to get a room so we can enjoy the rest of the time there!!!
So as we left it started to pour and get super windy!!! While we were driving to the resort a sign even flew into our windshield!

We had to stop at target to see if they had bathing suits...but no luck! Wrong time of year....

So we went to the resort and checked in....then found some bathing suits!!! Yay!!! And then we were so hungry we had to eat!!!!

There were 3 restraunts in the resort...Thank goodness!!! There was no wait!! We were the only ones eating there :) Good service!! And the food was amazing!!!

After we ate....we went to get ready for the waterpark!!!! It was so much fun!! They even got me to go on the slides!! There is this one that really freaked me out.....well i was the one to go backwards!!! Yikes!!!
Here is a picture before ( dont you love the random guys in the back posing!)
Here is us in the tunnel of the slide...Do I look happy????
I can say that I did go on it more than once!!! I did love the wave pool!! It was my favorite!!!

That night...we went and got some chocolate and icecream from the little shop that they have in the resort...then James and I went to the store....and then got me some taco bell!! When we got back to the resort...we went to the arcade and played lots of games!!! Skee Ball is the best!!!

When we got to the room...Lauren was trying to sleep...So we watched Get Smart!! Well I fell asleep too!!

So ....the next day!!!

We woke up...got all of our stuff together while Lauren was at the spa getting her nails done!! James and I checked out and afterwards we went down to the arcade....we played even more skee ball...till our points ran out! We had a bunch of tickets we won...but didnt get a prize :( We gave it to these little kids that would enjoy it so much more!!
Then we went to the waterpark!! I actually went on all the slides!! I am so proud of myself!!! Then we got lots of underwater pictures ( we love our camera!) But it was a lot harder to pose under water!!

Well this trip was a ton of fun!! One that Jameson and I decided we will do everytime we come to OHIO!!!!

After the waterpark we ate at Kahunaville...It was so good!!

And we took pictures with a baby tiger!!! I will try to upload it on here!!

Here are some more pics!!! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept 13th!! Gideon and Pam Congrats!!!

So today...we felt like we brought the rain with us!! It poured all morning!!! My mom and I met Pam at the hair salon and watched her get her hair done ( Poor Pam...the lady didnt know what she was doing...But good thing I was there!I assured her I would fix it later...too bad she had to pay for it!)
After they were almost done...My mom and I ran to target to get some last minute stuff and of course Starbucks!!! Once we left target we headed over to meet Pam....Once we got there the Limo was there to pick me up!!
Then we headed to the church! It was only like a minute away!! After the limo driver dropped us off...he was on his way to pick up the boys!!! We all were getting ready...i did my moms hair and makeup...Worked on my hair..and fixed Pams hair and helped some of the girls with theirs!

Then James needed to come and help tie the knot on the back of her dress.....He did an amazing job!!! Then the flowers came...Poor pam...they were nothing like she wanted....So I called my good friend Lauren and she got ready to come to the church bought some stuff for the bouquet! So in the meantime...I had Pam ask someone to get us a dozen more roses...so I took the flowers arranged them...and got them ready for Lauren to tape!! We saved the day!! Lauren did an amazing job!!! And then it was time for Pam to walk down the isle!!!

It was a beautiful ceremony!!
Now time for the limo ride to the country club!!

Yes, Pam and Gideon got us non-alcholic wine!! Lol!! It was actually good!! We arrived at the country club...It was the most beautiful reception ever!! And the food was amazing!!! It was so much fun!! Lots of laughs and tons of dancing!!!!

Nice Butts!!
The money Dance!!! Dad,Gideon, & Jonas

Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12th!

Today we got to get used to the time difference!! I feel like I could sleep the whole day!!! James stayed in bed for a while ...my mom and I went out...and I got a haircut...well really a 2 second one!! I needed the back of my hair cut!!! Then we went home...had breakfast that my dad made! Then we went out shopping!! James and I went to our favorite store!! Gabes!! We bought a ton of stuff!! James got 5 shirts...socks..I got a new jacket...and 5 pairs of shoes...we got some more stuff too!!! After that we went to target!! My favorite! And to some other stores!!
Then we hurried back home...got ready...Went to Pam and Gideons house so I could give Aiden a haircut before their Rehersal Dinner!

After Aidens haircut we went to the church where they were getting married....it was a different experience...Their Pastor was very animanted.... Aiden didnt like the idea that he couldnt be near his mom and dad ( good thing they did a rehersal to see that!)
After the rehersal we went to this nice restraunt... Papa Joes in Akron! It was so nice and so much fun to have everyone there! I have never seen Gideon talk so much!! Well...he did get a bottle of wine in him!! Here are some pictures from the night!

Once we got home...Haircut time for all the boys!! Note to self...dont cut Gideons hair while he is drinking!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our flight and next day!! Sept 10 & 11th!

So today was a busy day!I had a ton to do at work....it was nice I got to work from Home!!! It helped a lot!!! Then I got the dogs ready - took them to the office for Jessica to watch for us!! Then headed off to my dentist appointment!

Afterwards...went home got everything ready and packed...and waited for James!!We got all of our things ready..showed Leilanie how to get in our house....and not set off the alarm :) We headed over to Jenny's and she and the kids took us to the airport! We got to the airport around 8....Our flight was suppose to leave at 10:15....But it was full!!! They needed 5 volunteers since they overbooked! And of course James and I did!! So another night we stayed in Seattle...but in a nice hotel....

So once we got to the hotel - Jameson was excited for Cable!! I know I deprive him....so that made his night!! But we did need to get to sleep...since we had to be at the airport at 4:30am!!!So the next morning Sept. 11th ( yes I know!) we got to the airport caught our flight....and got some more sleep.....Then we arrived in Atlanta....I made us almost miss our connector- since I needed my starbucks! But we made it on our baby plane....who goes to Akron, Ohio anyway!!

We got to Akron...saw our luggage but had to wait ( since our luggage caught an early flight) We found my parents....got our luggage and were on our way!!!

We were headed to the mall to get the tuxes for the wedding!! We got there and James and My Dad got theres.....and then my Brother and his soon to be wife came...with their two little ones! We got to meet our new niece!!! She is so cute!!!

After they all got their tuxes...we went to Olive Garden!! It was a blast!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September the Month of Birthdays!!!

So this month we had a ton of Birthdays!! In Seattle...we had a birthday party on the 7th for.....

Jenny,Eiley,James Mom.....The end of August we had a little party for Dan!!

Then in my family it is my Moms, My grandmother, and my Aunt Debbies!!!

* Then at work Happy Birthday Jessica!! So many peoples birthday Sept 11th!!

So many Birthdays!! I know there are a lot of them!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Suprise!! Sept 4th!!

My dad came in to town!! It was a great treat!! We havent seen him in over a year!! So it was nice for him to stop in for the night!! I met him at my works warehouse in Tukwila...and took him to Lynnwood...we suprised James and showed up at his softball game!

After James Game, we went over to the mall and walked around while James was getting cleaned up...when James got there we went to Claim Jumper and had a great dinner!

After dinner we called my mom to wish her happy Birthday!! Then we went to our house and showed him around..and watched 21!

The next day I drove him back to Tukwila....so he can head back towards Ohio!!
Here is a picture of his top bed in his truck!!! Full of stuffed animals for his grandson!! Aiden!! All of the toys my dad got from the Claw!!!!
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Today is my Mom's Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 19th!! James Birthday!!!Suprises Galore!!!

So on the Sunday before we had his "family birthday party"! It was a ton of fun! We had his whole family over!!There were 7 kids and all the Adults!! Our house was suprisingly pretty clean after!We had it mexican themed!So it was some good tacos!!!

So I had been working all week on trying to figure out what to get James - So Christopher helped me decide! I wanted to get James a blue-ray player for our new t.v...since watching regular dvd's just dosent do it on a bigger tv! So I decided to get him a PS3!!Now the only thing...how to buy it without him seeing...He does watch our bank account all day!!LOL!! So I called his Sister and she helped me get it!!!
So now it was time to let Jaiden and Tryston know - not to tell him!! We got all the accesories to go with it ( everyone chipped in) So I had to hide it...Thank goodness our friends Michael and Leilanie live next door!!!

So as we were giving James his presents.... I told him I was giving his early..
He got Hdmi cables from his mom & Dan..and we told him it was for his Wii(that we just got)
Then he opened up the remote( that says PS3 on it) and a Blueray dvd from Christopher and Jenny and the kids.... ( and tryston accidently said it is for your PS3)good things james is oblivious!! He still had no clue...
Then he opened it up very suprised!!!

So on his actual birthday!!Sam and Jeremy told him they were taking him out to Red Robyn for his Birthday!We actually planned a suprise party - James had no clue (even though his niece told him that day...but his mom said no that was on sunday...and James...believed that his mom would never lie)

So we had 32 of James close friends there to celebrate!!! It was so much fun!!! And he was so happy that everyone came!!! It was a great birthday!! - he said " wow this many people still like me" It meant alot to him!!! So James is 26!!!!