Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12th!

Today we got to get used to the time difference!! I feel like I could sleep the whole day!!! James stayed in bed for a while mom and I went out...and I got a haircut...well really a 2 second one!! I needed the back of my hair cut!!! Then we went home...had breakfast that my dad made! Then we went out shopping!! James and I went to our favorite store!! Gabes!! We bought a ton of stuff!! James got 5 shirts...socks..I got a new jacket...and 5 pairs of shoes...we got some more stuff too!!! After that we went to target!! My favorite! And to some other stores!!
Then we hurried back ready...Went to Pam and Gideons house so I could give Aiden a haircut before their Rehersal Dinner!

After Aidens haircut we went to the church where they were getting was a different experience...Their Pastor was very animanted.... Aiden didnt like the idea that he couldnt be near his mom and dad ( good thing they did a rehersal to see that!)
After the rehersal we went to this nice restraunt... Papa Joes in Akron! It was so nice and so much fun to have everyone there! I have never seen Gideon talk so much!! Well...he did get a bottle of wine in him!! Here are some pictures from the night!

Once we got home...Haircut time for all the boys!! Note to self...dont cut Gideons hair while he is drinking!!

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