Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 18th!! One month Anniversary!!!

We have been married for one month already!!! It has gone by fast!! But I guess that means we are having fun!! Which we are!!! It has been a whirl-wind!! Married Life is amazing!! Better than I could have ever imagined!!!It was funny when we first got home...I was like...you don't have to go home!! It was so nice!! It still took a few days to get used to!!!LOL!!

So we want to celebrate our Months...because it will be the last time...once we get to years!!!

So for our one month anniversary...
James was so good.. He brought me home pink roses! They were so beautiful!!And I got him a fish!! It has a signifigance- our first anniversary dating I gave him a fish and had a little note next to it...It said..."They say 'There's a million fish in the sea,' well, that may be true, but I'm done fishing 'cause you're the one for me!"
Then we had a nice dinner and watched a movie! It was great!!!

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