Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 19th!! James Birthday!!!Suprises Galore!!!

So on the Sunday before we had his "family birthday party"! It was a ton of fun! We had his whole family over!!There were 7 kids and all the Adults!! Our house was suprisingly pretty clean after!We had it mexican themed!So it was some good tacos!!!

So I had been working all week on trying to figure out what to get James - So Christopher helped me decide! I wanted to get James a blue-ray player for our new t.v...since watching regular dvd's just dosent do it on a bigger tv! So I decided to get him a PS3!!Now the only thing...how to buy it without him seeing...He does watch our bank account all day!!LOL!! So I called his Sister and she helped me get it!!!
So now it was time to let Jaiden and Tryston know - not to tell him!! We got all the accesories to go with it ( everyone chipped in) So I had to hide it...Thank goodness our friends Michael and Leilanie live next door!!!

So as we were giving James his presents.... I told him I was giving his early..
He got Hdmi cables from his mom & Dan..and we told him it was for his Wii(that we just got)
Then he opened up the remote( that says PS3 on it) and a Blueray dvd from Christopher and Jenny and the kids.... ( and tryston accidently said it is for your PS3)good things james is oblivious!! He still had no clue...
Then he opened it up very suprised!!!

So on his actual birthday!!Sam and Jeremy told him they were taking him out to Red Robyn for his Birthday!We actually planned a suprise party - James had no clue (even though his niece told him that day...but his mom said no that was on sunday...and James...believed that his mom would never lie)

So we had 32 of James close friends there to celebrate!!! It was so much fun!!! And he was so happy that everyone came!!! It was a great birthday!! - he said " wow this many people still like me" It meant alot to him!!! So James is 26!!!!


Wilcock Family said...

Wow!!!! What a GREAT BDAY!!!!!!! Nice day for James! lol :)
I love all the pictures, you look beautiful!

Kristen & Brandon said...

Your hair is so stinkin cute!!! You look SO happy! :-)