Thursday, September 4, 2008

Suprise!! Sept 4th!!

My dad came in to town!! It was a great treat!! We havent seen him in over a year!! So it was nice for him to stop in for the night!! I met him at my works warehouse in Tukwila...and took him to Lynnwood...we suprised James and showed up at his softball game!

After James Game, we went over to the mall and walked around while James was getting cleaned up...when James got there we went to Claim Jumper and had a great dinner!

After dinner we called my mom to wish her happy Birthday!! Then we went to our house and showed him around..and watched 21!

The next day I drove him back to he can head back towards Ohio!!
Here is a picture of his top bed in his truck!!! Full of stuffed animals for his grandson!! Aiden!! All of the toys my dad got from the Claw!!!!
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Today is my Mom's Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!!

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