Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cedar Point and Kalahari!!!!

So, the day after the wedding....we were planning on going to cedar point...but it was calling for 100% rain!! So James and I decided we werent going to we slept in! Till we got a knock on our door...and My brother and his wife were dropping off their baby so they can go to Virginia Beach for their honeymoon! was beautiful outside and the forecast had changed!! So as soon as they left we called Lauren and got ready and drove over and picked her up!!!
James drove to Sandusky ( it was easy thanks to the Garmin) while Lauren slept :)

We got to cedar point and it was still such beautiful weather!!We figured we could at least get on most of the rides!!

It was neat to see all the Halloween stuff!! It was the begining of freight fest there! They even had haunted houses!!

We did almost all of the rides! But one...the one James really wanted to go on and convinced me to...we were waiting in line but the winds got to over they had to close it!

We were getting ready to leave....and decided to call Kalahari it is an indoor waterpark! So the three of us decided to get a room so we can enjoy the rest of the time there!!!
So as we left it started to pour and get super windy!!! While we were driving to the resort a sign even flew into our windshield!

We had to stop at target to see if they had bathing suits...but no luck! Wrong time of year....

So we went to the resort and checked in....then found some bathing suits!!! Yay!!! And then we were so hungry we had to eat!!!!

There were 3 restraunts in the resort...Thank goodness!!! There was no wait!! We were the only ones eating there :) Good service!! And the food was amazing!!!

After we ate....we went to get ready for the waterpark!!!! It was so much fun!! They even got me to go on the slides!! There is this one that really freaked me out.....well i was the one to go backwards!!! Yikes!!!
Here is a picture before ( dont you love the random guys in the back posing!)
Here is us in the tunnel of the slide...Do I look happy????
I can say that I did go on it more than once!!! I did love the wave pool!! It was my favorite!!!

That night...we went and got some chocolate and icecream from the little shop that they have in the resort...then James and I went to the store....and then got me some taco bell!! When we got back to the resort...we went to the arcade and played lots of games!!! Skee Ball is the best!!!

When we got to the room...Lauren was trying to sleep...So we watched Get Smart!! Well I fell asleep too!!

So ....the next day!!!

We woke all of our stuff together while Lauren was at the spa getting her nails done!! James and I checked out and afterwards we went down to the arcade....we played even more skee ball...till our points ran out! We had a bunch of tickets we won...but didnt get a prize :( We gave it to these little kids that would enjoy it so much more!!
Then we went to the waterpark!! I actually went on all the slides!! I am so proud of myself!!! Then we got lots of underwater pictures ( we love our camera!) But it was a lot harder to pose under water!!

Well this trip was a ton of fun!! One that Jameson and I decided we will do everytime we come to OHIO!!!!

After the waterpark we ate at Kahunaville...It was so good!!

And we took pictures with a baby tiger!!! I will try to upload it on here!!

Here are some more pics!!! Enjoy!!!

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