Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept 13th!! Gideon and Pam Congrats!!!

So today...we felt like we brought the rain with us!! It poured all morning!!! My mom and I met Pam at the hair salon and watched her get her hair done ( Poor Pam...the lady didnt know what she was doing...But good thing I was there!I assured her I would fix it later...too bad she had to pay for it!)
After they were almost done...My mom and I ran to target to get some last minute stuff and of course Starbucks!!! Once we left target we headed over to meet Pam....Once we got there the Limo was there to pick me up!!
Then we headed to the church! It was only like a minute away!! After the limo driver dropped us off...he was on his way to pick up the boys!!! We all were getting ready...i did my moms hair and makeup...Worked on my hair..and fixed Pams hair and helped some of the girls with theirs!

Then James needed to come and help tie the knot on the back of her dress.....He did an amazing job!!! Then the flowers came...Poor pam...they were nothing like she wanted....So I called my good friend Lauren and she got ready to come to the church bought some stuff for the bouquet! So in the meantime...I had Pam ask someone to get us a dozen more I took the flowers arranged them...and got them ready for Lauren to tape!! We saved the day!! Lauren did an amazing job!!! And then it was time for Pam to walk down the isle!!!

It was a beautiful ceremony!!
Now time for the limo ride to the country club!!

Yes, Pam and Gideon got us non-alcholic wine!! Lol!! It was actually good!! We arrived at the country club...It was the most beautiful reception ever!! And the food was amazing!!! It was so much fun!! Lots of laughs and tons of dancing!!!!

Nice Butts!!
The money Dance!!! Dad,Gideon, & Jonas

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