Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!!Our 1st Married Christmas!

So James and I did big presents for each other this we didnt get lots of little things that add up.....

I got my kitchen aid(Black Friday Special)

Also another LoveSac - the SuperSac

A tv for our Bedroom ( Black Friday Special)

So Christmas morning we didnt open a ton from each other...but my mom and dad made up for it!!

Thanks mom and dad!!

SO did I mention there was snow....A ton more!!!

After opening presents at our house...we went to James Mom and Dads house! Christopher was already there....helping make breakfast!! We were waiting for everyone to come over, for it to be a full house! With all the kids and just as many adults!!

Once everyone came over Dan read a story for Christmas...and we then opened presents :)

After we opened presents James mom and Dan bought presents for a white elephant game! It was so much fun!!!
Soon after...we ran home and got ready for our ski trip!!!

It was a beautiful trip up to Stevens! And even more fun skiing!!!It is such a great tradition that we hope to keep!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So today was amazing! We were able to wake up and it be white!! It was snowing again..something we dont get too often here!James and I got up early and were going to take his dad to Leavenworth but since it kept getting worse outside...his dad decided against it! It was ok! We ran to target...then to the grocery store so I can make some last min things for Christmas Eve at his sisters!!

I was baking away all morning then we went over early to help get ready....we waited for Aric and Lena and the kids to get there so we can eat :) We had lots of good food....then watched a movie and talked....then opened presents!!

Afterwards we ran to his mom and dads house and got our presents that my mom and dad sent!We got home and Leilani came over and got our presents so she could wrap them- so we have some things to open together in the morning :)

Then James and I opened our Christmas Eve presents!!!
Hmmm...I wonder what they are???

Then I got our stockings ready.....Now time for bed!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy Busy

I can tell it is right before Christmas ecspecially this year!! Tons of snow!! Since all of the stores have been closed and it has been hard for people to get out of driveways...Leilani,Michael and I decided to do some shopping! We went to target and got some last min things..I got James his stocking stuffers,pajamas, and lots more things that I didnt need to get :) Then we went to costco and it was suprisingly empty! I love buisness costco! Then we went to half priced books...looking for a Lord of the Ring movie.... but no luck! I did find some things for my stocking though :) Then we went to the grocery store...and then got some pizza!

After we got home we were meeting up with Sam and Jeremy to do our little Christmas with them...we picked them up since the snow was getting worse and we were suppose to get a ton more!Sam and Jeremy got me these cute strainers that I wanted and some bowls and a picture! They got James the new Narnia and a hat(which I love)!!

We went to the movies to go see 7lbs....

Honestly...I love just about every movie..I am an easy critic....But this movie...I would not want to see again. It just dosent have a great message.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our 5 month Anniversary

So we have been getting so much snow!Today we woke up and it was so snowy!!!I havent driven a ton in the last 4 years....even though I am used to a ton more snow than we get here...With my bad luck with my car or any car I get...It is best for me not to drive in too much snow!

So I had an organizing day! So when James got home he brought me some chains!! What a great anniversary present!Then of course we had to go out and use them!!!What a difference it makes!

We went out shopping....and went to dinner then went home and watched movies!!!What a great day!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!

So Sam and Jeremy came over and we did our second annual Gingerbread House decorating!! This year Sam and I found these cheap houses and got them on sale (note to self...dont buy cheap things) These were definatley a lot harder to make, the frosting you had to mix yourself..and really wasnt easy to use! But we all made it work!!! Sam and Jeremy even managed to keep the roof on their house ( but the side was caving in :) It was a fun night!!And afterwards we played Cranium POP version!Seriously our new favorite game!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So yes James and I go here way to often! But I love it!!And guess what there is snow!!!I love that even more! The drive was so beautiful and really makes you appreciate all we have!

So on the way we of course had to stop at our little knife shop!We got a knife for James brother and of course James!

Then we went to Leavenworth and we have never seen it so crazy!!The parking was insane!We first went to the Bakery and got some amazing rasin bread! Then we went into town and the kids had to sled...we made a reservation at my favorite restraunt Andreas Keller!We went to some shops....looked around and then had dinner! Once we were done Rozemary and I ran to the fudge shop,and almost missed the lighting!The lighting was great! Then went to the shops...and headed home! I think we brought the snow home with us!!Because it didnt stop!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookie Decorating Party!!

Well dont we all like to get in the Christmas Spirit!! Rozemary and Janzen had us over Aryn, and Will and Eileen and all the kids!

We watched movies and played games...and of course decorated cookies!!Yummmm!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dec 6th St.Nicholas Day!

So to celebrate the Christmas Season we went to the Bothell Tree Lighting and to see Santa fly in! ( note to self...dont take little kids to see this Santa!) We had fun going to all the little shops...getting hot chocolate and enjoying the cold weather! Here are some pictures!!!