Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy Busy

I can tell it is right before Christmas ecspecially this year!! Tons of snow!! Since all of the stores have been closed and it has been hard for people to get out of driveways...Leilani,Michael and I decided to do some shopping! We went to target and got some last min things..I got James his stocking stuffers,pajamas, and lots more things that I didnt need to get :) Then we went to costco and it was suprisingly empty! I love buisness costco! Then we went to half priced books...looking for a Lord of the Ring movie.... but no luck! I did find some things for my stocking though :) Then we went to the grocery store...and then got some pizza!

After we got home we were meeting up with Sam and Jeremy to do our little Christmas with them...we picked them up since the snow was getting worse and we were suppose to get a ton more!Sam and Jeremy got me these cute strainers that I wanted and some bowls and a picture! They got James the new Narnia and a hat(which I love)!!

We went to the movies to go see 7lbs....

Honestly...I love just about every movie..I am an easy critic....But this movie...I would not want to see again. It just dosent have a great message.....

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