Saturday, December 13, 2008


So yes James and I go here way to often! But I love it!!And guess what there is snow!!!I love that even more! The drive was so beautiful and really makes you appreciate all we have!

So on the way we of course had to stop at our little knife shop!We got a knife for James brother and of course James!

Then we went to Leavenworth and we have never seen it so crazy!!The parking was insane!We first went to the Bakery and got some amazing rasin bread! Then we went into town and the kids had to sled...we made a reservation at my favorite restraunt Andreas Keller!We went to some shops....looked around and then had dinner! Once we were done Rozemary and I ran to the fudge shop,and almost missed the lighting!The lighting was great! Then went to the shops...and headed home! I think we brought the snow home with us!!Because it didnt stop!

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