Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 2 years of being together!!

Two Years have gone by quick!!Yes we still celebrate it!!Why not???

Today James and I got to celebrate our two years by going to go see the LION KING!! It was so amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!!It was so neat to see all the different costumes and how well they were able to follow the movie! Enjoy our pictures!We tried taking pictures inside...But you cant and I got yelled at :(

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spa, Gold Mine Tour- what a day!!

Today we started off our day with James getting a massage and me a haircut!!It was nice to just be able to relax!! After the pampering we decided to take some pictures then went to a Gold Mine Tour!

The Gold Mine tour was fun it was neat to be under the mountain and see real Gold!We even had to wear the construction hat and carry a flashlight!! It was fun!!

Then we were off on our way to go back to Seattle!!!!(well after making James stop at the 7th Target on our trip)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tubbing,Learning how to snowboard, & Waterpark!!

So today we decided we were going to go tubing!It was such a beautiful day and we wanted to spend as much of it outside that we could!!!We took the world's longest gondola up to the top of silver mountain (which was such a beautiful..but as James would say LONG! ride) Then once we got off I realized I was dressed to warm :)It was not cold at all!We went tubing but didnt last to long :)

Then James and I decided that since it was such a great day we should take advantage!So he taught me how to snowboard!!With his help and the help of an instructor I was able to go up and down the mountain myself without falling!!It did take a little while...for now I do enjoy skiing more- but probably because I know how too!!

After we got done on the mountain we went back and relaxed!Then we went to the waterpark!!It was a ton of fun (It was just hard because the last indoor waterpark was better...well just a bit bigger with a wave pool!But this one was good minus the pool)

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going to the resort!!!

James and I got to relax and sleep in....then we went to the Idaho Falls Temple ( It was so beautiful!)

(It was so bright out!)

We then started driving to the resort we were staying at in Kellogg Idaho! It was another long trip but fun!We got to drive through Montana which was such a beautiful state ( well at least the part we drove through) We stopped in Missula and James got another knife :) His second on the trip!Then we headed the rest of the way! We got to the resort and were so confused by all the time changes!!Once we got there we went to our room explored the resort...and later on went in the roof top hot tub!! It was a nice end to a long day!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yellowstone and Hanging out with friends!!

Today we woke up and decided to drive to Yellowstone!!We drove past Rexburg,and up through the Montana into Wyoming! It was very senic ride...a little snowy! We were planning on driving through Yellowstone...but to our suprise- You can't drive in Yellowstone in the winter. So we went around the little town shopping and then decided to go snowmobiling!!!! James needed to rent snowclothes since they were at our hotel and the place had it all!!!

We went snowmobiling on this amazing trail!It was so neat because on the trail we ended up in Montana,Idaho, and Wyoming!!James phone didnt know what time zone it was on!!

It was a fun little adventure!Afterwards we ate in town and then headed back to Idaho Falls!

We went shopping for some things and got a cute outfit for Keaton!!Andre and Chelsea meet us at our hotel and we went to this restraunt near it!Afterwards we went hot tubbing!! Such a fun night..went by too fast!They need to move to Washington!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacation Time!!!

So James and I decided to go on a ski trip...But that changed a little when he tore his ACL :( We changed it up a bit! And decided to shorten our stay at the resort and go visit some friends and head up to Yellowstone!!! So here we start our Journey!!!

We left on Tuesday bright and early!! 4:38am!!!I started off driving and drove for a few hours...James then took over and I drove the rest of the trip! We got to Blackfoot in just about 12 hours!!It was such a beautiful drive!And a ton of fun!!

We got to Chelsea and Andre's house and visited with Chelsea and her family!!We got to meet Baby Keaton!!He is so adorable!! After we visited for awhile we drove to our hotel in Idaho Falls and went to Applebees!!!

We had the best view from our room- The Idaho Falls Temple!!

Here are some pictures from the day!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Life gets busier everyday!

Just when you think Life will slow down....Lately there has been lots of baby showers,hanging out with friends,doing lots of hair, and getting ready for vacation! Here are just a few pictures of what we have been doing Lately!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So we have been out of the loop! We left off on Season 5 of 24 .....and in the last week we have been hermits! The only people that see us are at work, at the gym and the guys at blockbuster!!!

We are trying to catch up!!It is now season 7 and we got cable! Yes I refused for so long....But we got it!! We got a good deal from James work (Chase) and we couldnt pass it up! So now we have a dvr so I dont have to run home from the gym to watch our show!

So for 24! We finished season 5 and 6 in a week!!And today we have started season 7!!! We are crazy but we couldnt stop!! Lots of late nights!