Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacation Time!!!

So James and I decided to go on a ski trip...But that changed a little when he tore his ACL :( We changed it up a bit! And decided to shorten our stay at the resort and go visit some friends and head up to Yellowstone!!! So here we start our Journey!!!

We left on Tuesday bright and early!! 4:38am!!!I started off driving and drove for a few hours...James then took over and I drove the rest of the trip! We got to Blackfoot in just about 12 hours!!It was such a beautiful drive!And a ton of fun!!

We got to Chelsea and Andre's house and visited with Chelsea and her family!!We got to meet Baby Keaton!!He is so adorable!! After we visited for awhile we drove to our hotel in Idaho Falls and went to Applebees!!!

We had the best view from our room- The Idaho Falls Temple!!

Here are some pictures from the day!!!

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Cheryl said...

Did you know I was born and raised in Blackfoot?
AND Brandon and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple?
AND I've been to Yellowstone a bazillion times?

I just feel bad I'm now catching up with your blog to realize you went to all these places. Fun stuff! It looked like you had a great time. :)