Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yellowstone and Hanging out with friends!!

Today we woke up and decided to drive to Yellowstone!!We drove past Rexburg,and up through the Montana into Wyoming! It was very senic ride...a little snowy! We were planning on driving through Yellowstone...but to our suprise- You can't drive in Yellowstone in the winter. So we went around the little town shopping and then decided to go snowmobiling!!!! James needed to rent snowclothes since they were at our hotel and the place had it all!!!

We went snowmobiling on this amazing trail!It was so neat because on the trail we ended up in Montana,Idaho, and Wyoming!!James phone didnt know what time zone it was on!!

It was a fun little adventure!Afterwards we ate in town and then headed back to Idaho Falls!

We went shopping for some things and got a cute outfit for Keaton!!Andre and Chelsea meet us at our hotel and we went to this restraunt near it!Afterwards we went hot tubbing!! Such a fun night..went by too fast!They need to move to Washington!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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