Friday, February 20, 2009

Tubbing,Learning how to snowboard, & Waterpark!!

So today we decided we were going to go tubing!It was such a beautiful day and we wanted to spend as much of it outside that we could!!!We took the world's longest gondola up to the top of silver mountain (which was such a beautiful..but as James would say LONG! ride) Then once we got off I realized I was dressed to warm :)It was not cold at all!We went tubing but didnt last to long :)

Then James and I decided that since it was such a great day we should take advantage!So he taught me how to snowboard!!With his help and the help of an instructor I was able to go up and down the mountain myself without falling!!It did take a little while...for now I do enjoy skiing more- but probably because I know how too!!

After we got done on the mountain we went back and relaxed!Then we went to the waterpark!!It was a ton of fun (It was just hard because the last indoor waterpark was better...well just a bit bigger with a wave pool!But this one was good minus the pool)

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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