Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Trip to Ohio!!

Just got into Ohio!

Emerson loves grandma..and her glasses!

I think it is time for a nap!

Playtime with Madison!

He loves dogs...any size!

Shopping at Aurora Farms!

Superman Icecream at Malys!

Sharing donuts with great grandpa!

Chagrin Falls

At the falls

Popcorn shop icecream!

I think Emerson ate more of grandpas cone then he did!

At the fair with cousins!

The three little pigs at the fair!

Just got to Kalahari with grandma and grandpa!

Emerson couldn't wait to get in!!

He is such a big boy!

He even loves fake animals!

Grandpa and Emerson

Madison likes to share her toys with her baby!

Pool time!!

Now time for a break for mom!

Mom and Emerson

He loves to lounge!

He loves to float!

He never wants to get out of this thing!

Last day at Kalahari ...I don't think Emerson is ready to leave!

Emerson got pictures taken with a lion..he loved to pull its tail and hair!

He loved his lion friend!

Lauren got a big pile of presents all the way from Seattle for little Adell!

We got to meet baby Adell!

My mom brought all her coupons with her!! I wanted to jump in!

I love to draw!

Dad...I have gained a few pounds! Maybe this is why??? Or all the icecream!

Stinky baby time for a bath!

Great Grandma signing to Emerson before we left for camping!

Emerson thinks everyone should get everything all put up now :)

What a huge tent!

Tents are time for dinner!

Maybe swim inside today?

They had a heated indoor pool at the campground and Emerson insisted he wanted to go in!

Lots of fun!


Night time at the campground with uncle Jonas

At the park

We weren't expecting the cool our borrowed clothes?
Emerson looks great in pink!

Happy Birthday mom!!

Emerson loves his cupcakes...but what dosen't he love??

Emerson loves his sand..even though this sand was more like dirt!

You need cornhole while camping...

Of course you need to have a jumpy house camping!

Emersons first time meeting Cheryl!

He loves standing, and my laptop!

He found his tounge and loves to stick it out!

I have him hooked to Bachelor Pad- he wouldn't stop watching!

He loves his grandpa!

This trip was the longest that Emerson and I have been away from James! We had a ton of fun, but missed him like crazy!!!!

Now lots of pictures of the busy time we had while in Ohio! Who knew two weeks could go by so fast!!!