Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Second day of december!!

On the Second day of December....

I didnt think I could get out of bed ( So I was wondering why I felt like I got hit by a bus....maybe being tackled in football??) So I started off the day by making this fabulous new recipe from my friend Camille!! It is a new crockpot recipe!! Yumm... And I just found out one of my best friends just got home from her mission!!! Then James arrived to take me to church!! Suprisingly it wasnt cancelled!! But it was a great day!! It was my last day of Temple Prep class!! So exciting!! The after church we had a baptism we attended for my new friend Kaitlin!! It was amazing!!! Then we went home for food!!!So glad I thought ahead!!!It was so yummy!!! Then a little while later Sam and Jeremy came over...We made this interesting punch...and some amazing hot chocolate!!! Then made some cookie dough!!! James and I decorated our christmas tree while listening to Christmas music!!! It is perfect!!!

We watched the Nativity story....and paused to make some cut-out sugar cookies!! It was fun...a little messy(maybe more than a little) And they turned out great!!! We finished the movie...Then after Sam and Jeremy left James and I did my familys tradition of the Advent calender and wreath....where we lit on candle since it is the first sunday of the month...and shared stories and read scriptures!! It was a great end to the perfect weekend!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The first day of december!!

On the first day of December....
It was the perfect day!!! So the night before my friend Camille came from Kelso,Washington and did my hair!! It looks amazing like always!! So when we do hair we normally do each others....So it always turns into a long night!!
The next morning...we woke up at 7:00am....camille had to go to the mall...And James was coming over at 8!! We had the "turkey bowl" at Huskys Stadium!!

It was so much fun!! We won one game and lost two....but I was sorta glad...I didn't think I could move anymore....After the first game the bishop nearly tackled me...I got turf burn!! Then the second game I twisted my ankle again...then the third I got a fat lip from nearly kissing a guy (lol) and a black and blue knee!! But it was so much fun!! James with his sprained ankle (wich we found out on sunday he shouldn't have played) did just fine:)
Then we stopped at James house to get snow started snowing...and it kept snowing!! We went to Walmart to get a tree was covered outside!! We went home and still snowing!! Sam came over and we went to costco while James relaxed and as we were waiting for Jeremy!! We got pizza (not very smart before going out to dinner work party) Then we were off to get our tree!! We went to a tree farm in Woodinville (around 6pm yes it was dark) It was the most perfect setting if they werent closing early we could have stayed even longer!!! We would have never thought finding a tree in the dark would be fun...but all the snow on the trees made it beautiful!!! It was fun to shake the trees and try to figure out if it would be perfect when we returned home.... So we each found our trees....and cut them down (well the boys did) we helped hold them :)
We got hot apple cider and some mistletoe!! It was just perfect!!! No fake trees for a long time!!
So then we were off to drop me off at my work party....the roads were horrible... but it made it interesting...Good thing James drove!! We had to pass cars going up the hill!!
My party was fun...a little long but worth it!! The most amazing steak!!! YUMMM!!! If you are in washington and need a good quaint little restraunt "Italianissimo" is great!!
Since it was bad out James was waiting for me so I wouldnt have to get a ride he had fun shopping with Sam and Jeremy for 3 hrs!!
It was such a great day!!! Just the start to a perfect weekend!!!