Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Apple Orchard!!

So today we got to go to my favorite Apple Orchard!!Beckwiths!!! I love it there!! So many good things! And the most amazing cider!! Seriously!! I have been craving it since we got back!!! And I dont want the fake apple cider...I need the real stuff!! ( Does anyone know of some good apple orchards in Washington??? )

Earlier that day we went to our storage unit!! Wow!! A lot of stuff!! Well we shipped 5 boxes to ourslves!! Including a vacuum! Now we need to decide what to do with all rest of the stuff!!

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Amy and Nathan said...

There is a place by my work that sell the real deal apple cider. We will make trips out there for cider because it's amazing! Let me know if you want me to ever get you some!!