Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our flight and next day!! Sept 10 & 11th!

So today was a busy day!I had a ton to do at was nice I got to work from Home!!! It helped a lot!!! Then I got the dogs ready - took them to the office for Jessica to watch for us!! Then headed off to my dentist appointment!

Afterwards...went home got everything ready and packed...and waited for James!!We got all of our things ready..showed Leilanie how to get in our house....and not set off the alarm :) We headed over to Jenny's and she and the kids took us to the airport! We got to the airport around 8....Our flight was suppose to leave at 10:15....But it was full!!! They needed 5 volunteers since they overbooked! And of course James and I did!! So another night we stayed in Seattle...but in a nice hotel....

So once we got to the hotel - Jameson was excited for Cable!! I know I deprive that made his night!! But we did need to get to sleep...since we had to be at the airport at 4:30am!!!So the next morning Sept. 11th ( yes I know!) we got to the airport caught our flight....and got some more sleep.....Then we arrived in Atlanta....I made us almost miss our connector- since I needed my starbucks! But we made it on our baby plane....who goes to Akron, Ohio anyway!!

We got to Akron...saw our luggage but had to wait ( since our luggage caught an early flight) We found my our luggage and were on our way!!!

We were headed to the mall to get the tuxes for the wedding!! We got there and James and My Dad got theres.....and then my Brother and his soon to be wife came...with their two little ones! We got to meet our new niece!!! She is so cute!!!

After they all got their tuxes...we went to Olive Garden!! It was a blast!!!

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