Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chagrin Falls - my most favorite place!!!

So today we went to my favorite place!! Chagrin Falls!!I just adore that place! I used to work at the most amazing salon there...John Roberts...and the town is just perfect!! I love all the shops and the cute little restraunts!

We went to the herb shop!! And yes they do now have a website!!! When we were there we bought Madison a little spider that is dressed in a lady bug outfit that makes halloween noises!! Then we got some Christmas presents...and got my mom some stuff she wanted! We also bought a bee rug!! It is so cute!! I have a collection of bee stuff...and one day it will be in our baby room!!!

Then we went to the Dog Bakery!! It has gotten bigger since last time!! Of course we bought stuff there!! And got some treats too for the dogs!!!

Then off to Yours Truly!!! I have been craving this place forever!!! We of course got the Lotso Notso fries!!! And something new...Fried Artichokes with a spicy ranch dressing!! Yumm!!!!

After Yours Truly we went to my next favorite place!! The Popcorn Shop!! We bought some popcorn....amazing milkshakes..and of course Jameson got cookies!!!After that we walked down to the waterfalls!!!

It was a fun day!! Then we went over to my grandparents house...talked for a bit and headed home!

That night...Lauren came over...Then we went to Gabes again!! Found some more good things!! Good thing we brought an empty suitcase!!!

Afterwards..we went to chipotle...and then I cut Laurens hair!!

What a fun day!!!

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