Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

4th of July was a great day!

We were able to go to James sisters house.... They had a bunch of people over for a pickleball tournament!

Here is a great picture of one of his brothers!

He got all dressed up for the occasion! We loved the shorts ;)

After we went to lowes...And bought a grill!!! Yay!! I am now in heaven!! I can grill steak everyday!!!! Yumm!!! And of course some more plants too!!

Then we went back to our house! Did I mention we are putting in my salon??? I dont think so! Well we are re-doing our laundry room! Took out a door! Put in all new plumbing! Put in a false wall! My new hair sink!! So our free time is going into this...with some help from our friend Janzen and James Dad!!!

Once we got done working on the house we went to Lynnwood High School for Fireworks....It has been our tradition and this will be the last year there :( We met up with the usual ....Sam and Jeremy and now baby Landon! Sams family! Steve! And James sister and kids!! Here are a few pictures from the fun night!!!

Sam, Landon and I

Jeremy, Sam and Landon

Me 4 months preggo!

What a great night!

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