Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Housewarming Party!

Here is a picture of James Dad....he is pretending not to like fufu....he really loves her and her dress :P

Dan, James Mom- Hilary (Dans daughter) Tad Maisee and Cooper!

Maggie and I

Some of the party!

Allison, Me, and Sam!

So Here are just a few pictures! I have been so bad lately with remembering my camera! It died right after these pictures!! I will try to be better!

It was such a busy day doing last minute things- like buying all the food :) Then afterwards one of my bestfriends stopped by from Utah for a few with her brother! It was nice to visit....then it was time for the party!!!!

We had a great turn out for our party! And I am so grateful for all those who came!It was such a great day out... a little warm- But that has been Seattle weather this year!

We had different spurts of people come all through out the night! Right after a lot of people left...a bunch of people from the Singles Ward came! Then after they left Maggie and Casey came back! It was a long fun day!

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