Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Projects

Here is a picture of our house Before we moved in....Notice all the ugly bushes....The gross color Blue...and the roof!!!

is an after picture of the new color we painted it :) Green! And our lovely new roof! And Minus our jungle - Now you can see our house!

Here is a day we spent rototilling - James is doing a great job!! It was a ton of work! Next we planted grass!

Here was an over grown tree and plants where these huge ugly plants were! Thanks to James barely pulled them out! Looks better now!

Here is a picture of our newly painted house...our new grass and garden!!!

So you would think that it wasnt a lot of work to do this....Well! Boy was I wrong!!! I dont think I have ever worked so hard in my life!!

1. James mom came over and helped me get rid of half the plants......and she pulled out all the old bricks! (All week project)

2. James sister and kids came over and we removed the rest of the plants!! James car helped pull them out too :) Then we tried to rototill it....but we broke it!! So then we tried the next weekend! ( Weekend)

3. We got a rototiller thanks to Jeremy! We rototilled the yard! Then went to lowes and bought all the things to plant grass!Went to James sisters house and borrowed a roller...then came back and finished planting grass seed!!!! (Another weekend)

4. Waited for the grass to sprout....then got a container of soil (about a 20 foot container filled with more than 8 yards of soil....Tons of wheel borrows full!!) Then we took natural rocks from the backyard....filled it in with soil....then planted our plants!! ( Another whole weekend...and more dirt to shovel)

So this little project was exhausting!! Then we started more!!!

Thanks for the help! And thanks for all the supplies- Jeremy Tad & Hilary!

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