Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Parents Visit!

My Parents came Christmas Day and stayed for 18days! I have never had 18 days go so the time they left I really felt like they were here for a weekend! I think I was so out of it for almost the whole time they were visiting! I lived on my couch...I could hardly move! The recovery for a c-section was a lot harder than I would have ever expected! I couldnt even sleep in my bed for the first month ( It didnt help that my bed is super tall...but the only thing that was comfortable was to sit up sleeping)
It was so nice having my parents helping...It was nice to have them make and bring every meal to me. It was great having them walk Emerson and rock him, since it hurt me to. They changed his diapers...did all his laundry ( which was over 6 loads - from all the new clothes and all the ones I never washed) I am just so grateful for all the help they were! I hope next time they visit it could be a more fun one! They did have fun by themselves..I think my mom made more socks in the time she was visiting than she does in a year! They had so much fun playing scrabble slam every night and they were able to go out too! They also let me go out a few times with James and Sam! How great it is ...just going to the store :)
I am so grateful for the time they spent with us! It was so nice to have them take care of me and help with Emerson!

Thank you mom and dad!!

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